TIFF file format

The Best Convert to TIFF Software

TIFF is an image format primarily used for storing high-resolution images and is a standard in the printing and publishing industries. TIFF is also a secure document format because links and hidden data cannot be embedded in it as the file is an image. As it is more secure than searchable PDFs, it is commonly used in industries dealing with customer records or sensitive information such as insurance companies, hospitals, law firms, government agencies, and academic institutions. Lastly, due to the high fidelity of TIFF images and the variety of compression options, TIFF is the primary file format required by archiving systems.

At PEERNET we have been creating software that allows our customers to create TIFF images since 1997. We specialize in high-quality, highly configurable, multi-purpose graphic and imaging software for the Microsoft® Windows market. Our family of document conversion software offers TIFF conversion solutions that range from easy-to-use and simple desktop applications, like TIFF Image Printer, to more complex and powerful batch conversion solutions, like Document Conversion Service.

Top 4 PEERNET TIF/TIFF Converters:

Easy-to-Use and Simple TIFF Printer

TIFF Image Printer

TIFF Image Printer is a TIFF creation software that allows users to create TIFF images from any document or file that they can open and print. The software functions as a virtual printer, meaning that users convert to TIFF by “printing” to TIFF Image Printer from any application. This includes all Windows documents such as Excel to TIFF, Word to TIFF, PowerPoint to TIFF; other image formats such as PDF to TIFF, JPG to TIFF, PNG to TIFF; and any other specific or propriety software that has print capacities. Simply select File-Print and then choose TIFF Image Printer from the list of printers.

Additionally, TIFF Image Printer allows users to choose between TIFF Multipaged or TIFF Serialized output formats as well as append the current file to a previously existing file. You can also use the application to compress your TIFF Images; auto-rotate, crop, and trim margins; enlarge or shrink a document; or add endorsements to the header or footer. Furthermore, the software has support for user-defined custom paper sizes and can be configured with pre-set file naming and save location to eliminate the need for prompting each time you print.

While TIFF Image Printer allows for fast and easy TIFF creation, it is also a very powerful tool with many customization options and advanced features depending on the license level you purchase.

Multi-Purpose Tool for TIFF Conversion and other file formats

Raster Image Printer

If you’re interested in the functionality of TIFF Image Printer but need the ability to create additional image file formats then look no further than Raster Image Printer. Raster Image Printer functions in the same way as TIFF Image Printer with the added benefit of being able to print to TIFF, PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and more from any document or file that you can open and print.

You have all the same features and customization options available with Raster Image Printer as with the TIFF Image Printer but with the added flexibility of being able to select from a variety of output file formats. This is particularly beneficial when you have employees using the software for different work processes or can foresee that your workflow may change over time.

Desktop Level Batch Converter to Create TIFF, PDF, and JPEG

File Conversion Center

File Conversion Center is a batch conversion software that allows users to batch convert Microsoft® Office documents, Adobe® PDF files, PostScript files, and web pages to TIFF, PDF, JPEG, and other common image file formats. The application offers multiple conversion methods including a right-click-to-convert process or drag-and-drop conversion folders (bins) on the desktop.

The primary difference between File Conversion Center and our image printers is that you can convert multiple files are one time, either by right-clicking on a folder of files or dropping a folder of files into a desktop conversion bin. Most conversion settings available with the image printers are also available when batch converting with File Conversion Center.

Additionally, File Conversion Center can be integrated into both your desktop and your Windows Explorer application allowing you to convert individual files or groups of files on demand, quickly and easily. Alternatively, you can run scheduled conversion tasks using a command line interface.

If you need to integrate file conversion in your own code, have a large volume of files, need to convert Outlook email messages, need to create searchable Adobe PDF files (*.pdf), or want a fully automated solution please see our Document Conversion Service software.

Enterprise Solution for High Volume Automated File Conversion into TIFF and more

Document Conversion Service

Document Conversion Service is a fully automated, high-volume Windows product that provides 24×7 automated document conversion complete with Watch Folder monitoring, command line tools, and a .NET library. This software is truly an industry-leading solution for your company’s TIFF creation needs, built to be an unattended batch conversion software that runs as a fully-fledged Windows service.

Document Conversion Service can be configured to monitor specific folders and batch convert documents in the background to create TIFF, searchable Adobe® PDF, JPEG, and more. The application offers support for a wide variety of input file formats including DOC, XPS, PDF, DWG, DWF, Excel, JPG, TIF, EPS, BMP, PCX, DCX, PNG, GIF, HTML, MHT, Outlook, PPT, PUB, Visio and Postscript.

Document Conversion Service is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow; meeting your file converting needs without disrupting your present systems. As compared to our competitors, our software is far more flexible, offering multiple implementation tools in order to best meet your needs. Additionally, Document Conversion Service supports clustering and failover support, allows for monitoring of multiple input folders, can extract email message attachments for conversion, and can run post commands after conversion.

The best way to get started with PEERNET’s file conversion software is by downloading a free 30-day trial. These are fully functional trials with a watermark added to all output files. As always, the PEERNET support team is more than happy to answer any of your questions and help you evaluate the trial.