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Choosing a Batch File Conversion Software: Benefits of DCS

The primary difference between File Conversion Center and Document Conversion Service is the level of required user interaction. File Conversion Center is a desktop application and requires a degree of user interaction while Document Conversion Service is truly a fully automated software solution.

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File Conversion Center is PEERNET’s original batch conversion software. The software is the perfect solution for users looking for a time-saving desktop application to batch convert Microsoft® Office documents, Adobe® PDF files, PostScript files, web pages and more to non-searchable PDF, TIFF, JPEG or other common image file formats.

File Conversion Center includes convenient tools such as our Right-Click-to-Convert and Drag & Drop conversion bins. Conversion bins, or folders, can be customized to filter contents by file type to ensure only designated file types are undergoing conversion. These conversion tools can be integrated right into your desktop or windows explorer. Alternatively you can run scheduled conversion tasks using a command line interface.

File Conversion Center keeps batch conversion simple.

  • Create customized conversion menu items and bins.
  • Recursively process folders and subfolders, and save the converted files in the same location as the sources files, or save them in a new location with the same folder structure.
  • Convert and print your documents at the same time.

If you are looking to run scheduled tasks, batch files, or similar to convert files silently with File Conversion Center, you will require the Professional Edition of the software. The Standard Edition does not run without prompting.

How do I decide when it is time to make the move from PEERNET’s original batch converter, File Conversion Center, to PEERNET’s top-of-the-line automated batch converter, Document Conversion Service?

If you are considering the Professional Edition of File Conversion Center, this is a good time to compare your requirements with the features available in Document Conversion Service. In many cases we find Document Conversion Service the better choice for what our clients need/want.

Document Conversion Service is a fully automated, high volume Windows product, offering 24×7 automated batch conversion, complete with Watch Folder monitoring, command line tools, or a .NET library. Document Conversion Service is the perfect solution for those looking to convert a large existing collection of files, thousands of files daily, or need immediate conversion turnaround.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider when Comparing the Advantages of Document Conversion Service

.NET utility library API

Are you looking to integrate conversion into your own code? With Document Conversion Service’s .NET library features, you are able to integrate the conversion service into your own solution using a few simple lines of code.

File Volume

Has your file volume increased or do you have a project where you need to convert a large number of existing files? Document Conversion Service can be purchased at different licensing levels for converting multiple files in parallel while File Conversion Center only converts one file at a time.

In addition, Document Conversion Service, via its included Watch Folder Service, provides access to clustering capability. Clustering allows you to configure two or more servers to monitor the same original file folder from which to convert the files, thereby sharing the workload and improving conversion performance. An added bonus on using a clustering setup is that if one server shuts down or needs to be taken down, the remaining servers will continue working on the file list so conversion will not be interrupted.

Convert Outlook Email Messages

While File Conversion Center supports many input formats (see FCC support conversion table), it does not support conversion from Microsoft Outlook (*.msg). Document Conversion Service however is designed to convert MSG files in a completely automated process (see DCS supported conversion table). In addition, Document Conversion Service has the ability to convert MSG files and any attachments included in the email by means of the included Watch Folder Service. This feature is particularly useful for e-discovery applications.

Vector (searchable) Adobe PDF

File Conversion Center is capable of converting file to non-searchable Adobe PDF files (*.pdf). However, if the need arises to convert files to vector (searchable) Adobe PDF files (*.pdf), you will need to move to Document Conversion Service, which can convert files to searchable PDF in an automated process.

Watch Folder Service

Do you need to eliminate user interaction? File Conversion Center requires a degree of user interaction in order to initiate a conversion job, or utilize the Right-Click-to-Convert and Drag & Drop conversion bins tools. Document Conversion Service on the other hand is a fully automated batch conversion solution.

Watch Folder Service comes included with the purchase of Document Conversion Service. Watch Folder Service is an easily configurable drop folder service that will monitor one or more Input Folder for files to convert. When a file is dropped or saved to the Input Folder, Watch Folder Service will move this file to undergo conversion according to a pre-set group of settings, and then save the new file in a specified location (local or network shared).

For example, files dropped in Input1 can be converted to a 300dpi color TIFF files, while files dropped in Input2 can be converted to 200dpi black and white TIFF files; each being saved a different Output Folder.

If you need to integrate document conversion into your own code, are dealing with a large volume of files, are looking for the automation of a drop or watch folder service, or need email message conversion and attachment extraction, it may be time to think about making the switch from File Conversion Center to Document Conversion Service. As always, the PEERNET support team is more than happy to answer any of your questions and help you evaluate the trial.