PDF, Text and Cadd Converters, OCR Support, and a Dashboard for DCS

Our latest update to DCS, Version 3.0.031, introduces new built-in PDF, Text, and CADD converters that offer faster conversion speeds and eliminate the need for additional applications. Also added is a new built-in image converter with more features to replace our current image converter. Lastly, this version contains a new dashboard tool that places all DCS tools and resources in one easy-to-find place.

pdf text cadd converters and a dashboard - new features for DCS

PDF and Image OCR Support

The standout feature of the new PDF and Image converters is the incorporation of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) support.

Seamlessly batch convert scanned PDFs and images to searchable PDFs in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindu, and Arabic. For any other languages, you can download language data and add them to your DCS installation.

To learn how to make searchable PDF files, see our tutorial Batch OCR PDF – Make PDF Searchable for full details and step-by-step instructions.

Text to PDF and Image Conversion

We have significantly upgraded our text to PDF or image conversion capabilities. Previously, we used Microsoft Word to open and print text files to convert them to PDF and images. This approach works but sometimes requires manual steps to handle page size and text layout.

Our new text to PDF converter automatically detects font and paper size from the text in each document, giving you the optimal layout each time. If you want control over the page size, we also have options for custom paper sizes, fonts, and word wrapping to give you the flexibility you need when batch converting text to PDF.

See Batch Convert Text to PDF with Page Size Formatting for an in-depth explanation of our new converter and its options.

Our New DCS Dashboard

The DCS Dashboard is your hub for licensing and activation, starting and stopping DCS services, and access to updates, sample code, and help resources.

First and foremost, we’ve placed controls to start and stop both the Document Conversion Service and the Watch Folder Service at the top of the dashboard. No more scrolling through the Services list or checking the system tray.

We categorized all our start menu shortcuts and created quick access tiles for the DCS and Watch folder configurations, conversion logs, command line tools, and sample code. For our users who are used to the current Windows start menu shortcuts and the system tray icon, they are all still there as before.

Next, we added an easy way for you to turn on or off the file converters used by DCS. Initially, all converters are set to Auto, meaning we will try to start each one. You can reduce your startup time by turning off any file converters you know you are not using.

control pdf text cadd converters, and others from dashboard

Lastly, the DCS Dashboard replaces our previous Licensing application. Your current license status is always visible in the top left of the dashboard. The Activate Product/License Wizard tile on the top row is where you can activate your software and update or renew your license.

We Value Your Feedback

This comprehensive update specifically targets feature requests from our users. In addition to adding OCR support for PDF and images, we’ve reduced our need for third-party applications and improved conversion speed with our new PDF, Text, and Cadd converters. Our new text converter intelligently auto-detects font and page sizes for worry-free text to PDF conversion. Lastly, our new dashboard offers quick access to frequently used DCS tasks from a single location for your convenience.

We want your document conversion to be as effortless and reliable as possible. Download the new version and let us know what you think of these updates.