Bundling Request

PEERNET sells its three Image Printers as an OEM license. The Image Printer becomes a branded driver that is tied to your software in a way that if your program is not present, the driver will not function. Your customers won’t know that we exist, as no separate licensing would occur. As far as the customer is concerned this is your solution.

TIFF Image Printer

Create TIFF Images

Raster Image Printer

Create TIFF, PDF, JPEG, etc.

PDF Image Printer

Create Non-Searchable PDFs

  • Your Custom Printer Name

  • Seamlessly Tied to Your Software

  • No Separate Licensing

  • One-Time Initial Software Fee

  • Royalty Free Distribution at a fixed annual fee

The OEM Kit includes all supported platforms and all the functionality of the Image Printer. The OEM Kit makes it easy to create your custom set up in minutes. The license is Royalty Free, our fee is fixed and is not related to your level of sales or number of units distributed.

The pricing is based on an initial purchase fee and then an annual distribution/support fee thereafter. The initial fee allows you to bundle the Image Printer with your product and distribute it for a one (1) year term. The Initial fee includes On-Going Support, which provides you access to all updates and upgrades, as they are released within that first year.

The annual distribution/support fee entitles you to continue to bundle and redistribute the Image Printer with your product for another one (1) year term. The annual distribute/support fee extends the On-Going Support as well, which provides you access to all updates and upgrades, as they are released within that renewal period.

The above solution is intended for high volume installations. However, where you are interested in including the Image Printer with your product in an untied fashion, we offer a buy as needed solution. In this situation, you would make a purchase with the required number of activations on behalf of each of your customers and then provide the customer with the serial number you receive with this order. In compensation of your referral, we would provide you a discount off of the retail price for including the Image Printer with your installation. These purchases can be made directly online. However, ultimately your customer is the owner of the software and we ask that the end user information be provided with each purchase, should your customer contact PEERNET with respect to this license. As the Image Printer is not tied and is visible to the customer, they do have the option to use it for other purposes.