Adding Header and Footer Text to Each Page in TIFF Image Printer

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The Endorsements feature allows you to add custom text to the header and/or footer of every TIFF image created.

Endorsements are the placing of additional header and footer information at the top and bottom of each page. Headers and footers can contain text such as titles, disclaimers and page numbers.

This tutorial demonstrates how to add the text “Internal Use Only – Confidential” at the bottom middle of every page, in Times New Roman at 10 point, red and bolded when using TIFF Image Printer

You can control the following in Endorsements:

  • height and width of each section which can be entered in English (inches), Metric (centimeters) or Points (points)
  • font color, size and style such as bold/italic/underline/strike through
  • page numbering displayed in the header/footer

Default height, font and color used for the text is 12 point Arial black.

Steps to Place Text in the Center of Each Page Footer:

  1. Open Printing Preferences (Start – Devices and Printers – Right click TIFF Image Printer 11.0 – Printing Preferences)
  2. Click the Endorsements tab.

    TIFF Image Printer - Endorsements Tab

  3. Click to “Enable endorsements”.
  4. In Style, select “Page Footer Center”. NOTE: For both Header and Footer, you can place text in the left, center and right of each page.

    TIFF Image Printer - Endorsements Screen : Enable and Select Style

  5. Add the following endorsement text string into the Text field:

    &KFF0000&'Times New Roman'&10&BInternal Use Only&B – Confidential
    TIFF Image Printer - Endorsements Text String

  6. The Endorsements formatting codes we will use here are as follows:
    • &K to set the color of the text to red using the RGB color code FF0000.
    • &’font name to set the font to Times New Roman.
    • &10 to set the font size to 10 points.
    • &B to define the start and end positions of the endorsement string to be displayed in bold.
  7. Click Apply, then OK to save the information.
  8. Now on each page, Internal Use Only – Confidential is placed on the bottom center.

    TIFF Image Printer - Page With Endorsements

A full explanation of all of the Endorsements Formatting Codes can be found in the TIFF Image Printer On-line User Guide and then scroll down to Header and Footer Formatting Codes.