PDF Writer – Print to Create, Edit, Merge to PDF

The PDF Creator Plus PDF writer can quickly and easily write to PDF from any Windows application that supports printing. With many extra features not found in other PDF writer software, PDF Creator Plus is an affordable solution for all your PDF creation needs.

All the Features You Need

  • Create a PDF file from any document you can print.
  • The easy merge feature lets you combine multiple PDFs, Office documents, images, and more into a single PDF.
  • Drag and drop PDF files to quickly add them to your new PDF file.
  • Extract pages and split large PDF files into several smaller documents.
  • Add text, shapes, hyperlinks, and watermarks to your pages.
  • Reorder, rotate, and delete pages before creating your PDF to get the exact PDF you want.
  • More than just PDF, PDF Creator Plus can also create TIFF, JPEG, and BMP images.

How to Write to PDF with PDF Creator Plus

Download and install a free trial to try it out, or install and activate your purchased copy. The setup program will install the PDF Creator Plus writer app and  PDF Creator Plus 8 virtual printer to your computer.

PDF Creator Plus writes PDF files by printing any file to the PDF Creator Plus 8 printer instead of your regular printer. 

Combining the virtual printer with the PDF Creator Plus PDF writer app allows you to build your PDF from a single document or many different documents from different applications. To add PDF files, you can drag and drop them into the writer app to easily add them to your new PDF file. 

This drag-and-drop feature also simplifies merging and splitting PDF files.

The PDF Creator Plus 8 pdf writer app and printer are added to your computer.

To add PDF files, open them directly in the PDF Creator Plus file writer app. You can also drag and drop them onto the PDF Creator Plus app to easily add them to your new PDF file.

Drag PDF files into the PDF file writer to combine PDF files or add pages to PDF files.

To add other file types, start by opening your document in its native application. For example, if it’s a text file, open it in Notepad, as shown below. You would open a Word document in Microsoft Word or an Excel spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. In the same vein, open and print images with Windows Photos, and so on. Then, select File – Print from the application menu to start writing your PDF.

Click File and then choose Print from the menu to start writing your PDF file.

On the Print dialog, pick PDF Creator Plus 8 from the printer options and then proceed by clicking the Print button.

pdf maker

Working With Files and Pages in the PDF Creator Plus PDF Writer App

PDF Creator Plus will display the collected pages from PDF files and printed pages from your other files. Continue printing files or dropping PDF files to add more pages.

In the app, you can use the included tools to annotate the pages with text, shape, and images. You can also add, move, rotate, and delete unwanted pages before writing your PDF file.

Printed documents do not keep any outline or hyperlink information. See Creating An Outline/Bookmarks in PDF Creator to learn how to add outline information to your pages before creating your PDF. For hyperlinks, see our article How do I add a hyperlink to a PDF Creator Plus project.

When all pages have been added, click on the Create PDF button to write your PDF.

Click the Create PDF button to have the PDF file writer software save your collected pages as a PDF.

Writing Your PDF File

In the Create File dialog, edit the name for your new PDF file and choose where to save it. Next, choose options for your PDF file:

  • Select PDF file (*.pdf) as the Save as type.
  • Check the Multipaged PDF and Embed fonts options.
  • If you added hyperlinks or outline information annotations by hand, check the options for Create hyperlinksCreate outlines, or both.
  • Keep the Open file option enabled to open PDF automatically upon creation.

The last step is to click the Save button to write your PDF document.

Type a name and choose the save location, then click Save to write your PDF.

A progress dialog will appear as the PDF Creator Plus PDF writer makes your new PDF. If you need to change your PDF, use the Cancel button to stop the process, update your pages, and start again.

A progress dialog tracks the creation as we write your new PDF file.