Convert to TIFF with PDF Creator Plus

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Create TIFF images from Word, Excel, CAD and many other programs with this economical and easy-to-use file conversion software that works with any Windows application that can print. With many built-in features, PDF Creator Plus is a complete file converter solution  for creating not only TIFF, JPEG and BMP images, but also Adobe PDF files.

Why Create TIFF with PDF Creator Plus?

  • Easily combine documents from different applications into a single TIFF image file
  • As a widely adopted standard for faxing and archiving, TIFF images are easily viewed by most anyone
  • More than just TIFF, PDF Creator Plus can also create PDF, JPEG, BMP and EMF files

How to Convert to TIFF

  1. Download your free trial and install PDF Creator Plus on your computer. As a virtual printer, PDF Creator Plus can create TIFF images by simply printing to PDF Creator Plus instead of your normal printer.
    convert to tiff
  2. Open your document in its native application, such as Notepad for a text file as shown below, and select File->Print from the application menu.
    to tiff
  3. Choose PDF Creator Plus 7.0 from the list of printers then click the Print button.
    create tiff, create tif
  4. PDF Creator Plus will display the printed pages from your document. You can add more pages by printing more files to the PDF Creator Plus 7.0 printer. When all pages have been added, click on the Create TIFF button to convert to TIFF now.
    save as tiff image
  5. In the Create File dialog:
    1. Type in a name for your new TIFF image and choose where to save it.
    2. Select TIFF Image (*.tif) as the Save as type, and set any TIFF image options such as Color and Resolution.
    3. Click the Save button to create your TIFF image.
      create TIFF
  6. A progress dialog is displayed while your TIFF image is being created.
    to tiff, doc to tiff, text to tiff, word to tiff, excel to tiff, file to tiff