Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) – Where Did It Go?

Microsoft removed the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer and the Microsoft Office Document Imaging component, or MODI for short, from their Microsoft Office suite when they released Office 2010. Anyone who used this printer to convert Office documents to TIFF images now needs to find a replacement.

Our TIFF Image Printer can do what the MODI printer did and much more! 

Introducing the PEERNET TIFF Image Printer

We at PEERNET have been selling and supporting our virtual TIFF Image Printer with far more functionality and options than the MODI printer since 1997. Our products run on the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit.

Like the MODI printer, the TIFF Image Printer can create a TIFF image from any Windows application that can print. It offers many more varieties of TIFF images should your needs ever change and can combine (append) files into a single TIFF image. Enjoy features such as custom file naming, annotations and stamps, and controlling file name prompting, among many others.

Setting up TIFF Image Printer to Replace MODI

With a few simple steps, you can make our TIFF Image Printer look like the MODI printer and create the same type of TIFF image. 

First, by renaming our TIFF Image Printer to Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, and second, configuring it to create 200 DPI monochrome TIFF images, it now replaces the MODI printer. You can create a copy of the TIFF Image Printer and rename the copy instead. See our complete walkthrough on Replacing Microsoft Office Document Imaging Printer with TIFF Image Printer.

From here, follow your usual steps. Print your file to the new Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, and save your TIFF image when prompted. The only difference is that you are now using our TIFF Image Printer as the conversion process behind it. Keep your workflow the same, and you and your employees happy and working the way they are used to working.

Microsoft Office Document Imaging Integration and Automation

Like the MODI printer, you can use our TIFF Image Printer in VBA scripts, Office add-ins, and other printer automation methods. You don’t even have to change your code. You only need to rename our printer and all your custom processes will continue to work.

TIFF Image Printer is a simple, cost-effective alternative to the MODI printerGet started today by clicking one of the buttons below!

Replace Microsoft Office Document Imaging MODI printer with TIFF Image Printer.
TIFF Image Printer

Create TIFF Images

Our top-selling virtual printer product for Windows® is the TIFF Image Printer. It can print any file to create a TIFF image.