Replacing Microsoft Office Document Imaging Printer with TIFF Image Printer

You have upgraded your Microsoft Office to version 2007 or higher, but have now found the Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) printer is no longer available. What can you use in place of the old MODI printer?

You can use the PEERNET TIFF Image Printer to create your TIFF files.

How to Use TIFF Image Printer to Replace MODI Printer

  1. Install TIFF Image Printer.
  2. Download the zip file Configure MODI.
  3. Expand the zip file.
  4. The zip file contains a batch file, ConfigureMODI.bat, that when run, will create a new printer in the printer list named Microsoft Office Document Image Writer.

This printer will essentially replace the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer you used to have as part of MODI and is configured by default to create 200dpi, monochrome TIFF images.

The default behaviour of the new Microsoft Office Document Image Writer printer is to prompt for the file name each time you print, or if a file of the same name already exists.  If you wish to disable the Save Prompt, see screenshot below.


Download PDF Instructions