The TIFF Image Printer is a virtual Windows® printer that allows you to convert JPG images to TIFF files just by opening the JPG in an image viewer and going to “print” and then selecting the TIFF Image Printer instead of your default printer. Customize all your output settings and just click “print” – out comes a TIFF file, exactly as you need it.

How to Convert JPEG to TIFF

  1. Download and install the TIFF Image Printer onto your computer. This will create a new virtual printer in your Printers folder.

    PDF to TIFF

  2. Open your JPG image in your favorite image viewer that can print.

    jpeg to tiff

  3. Choose the TIFF Image Printer from the printers list, then click the Print button.

    Convert JPEG to TIFF

  4. You can also adjust your output settings by clicking “options” within the print dialog box.

    When printing your JPG images, click Options then Printer Properties before printing to change the TIFF settings

  5. Name your file and just click “save” to convert your JPG to TIFF.

    Save JPEG to TIFF

And there you have it!

You’ve just converted a JPG to TIFF with the TIFF Image Printer!

Download a free trial today to test it out for yourself!

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