Batch Convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint to PDF with File Conversion Center

Batch converting your Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets to Adobe PDF files has never been easier than it is with our file converter software!

With File Conversion Center you can convert a single Office document or an entire folder of Office documents with as little as a single click.

File Conversion Center can create the following file formats:

  • Adobe PDF
  • TIFF
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • PCX
  • DCX

Batch Convert Office Documents to Adobe PDF

File Conversion Center comes with a predefined conversion profile for creating Adobe PDF files, as well as eight other profiles for creating TIFF, JPG and BMP images. New profiles can easily be created to meet any custom requirements.

The following steps will use the predefined conversion setting Publishing(PDF) to convert an entire folder of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents into Adobe PDF files. The new PDF files are created in the same location as the Office documents; the original files remain untouched in the folder.

  1. Find the folder of documents on your computer. Below we are using the folder Feb 2010 – Sales in the Documents library (or folder) on Windows 7.

  2. Select the folder of documents with the mouse and then right-click on the image to access the context menu.
    1. From the context menu, select the Convert To menu item.
    2. Another menu will appear displaying conversion options; select Publishing(PDF) from this menu.
  3. A progress dialog box Converting to PDF will be displayed while the documents in the folder are being converted. The new PDF files are created in the same location as the original documents. Click the Close button to dismiss the progress dialog when the conversion is complete.
  4. A new PDF file has been created for every Word, Excel and PowerPoint document in the folder.

Download PDF Instructions