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A Document Conversion Service with Power

document converter

If you are looking to convert PDF, TIFF, JPEG & other image formats in an automated process, PEERNET’s Document Conversion Service is the perfect business solution for your document conversion needs. The software offers flexible and consistent results, scalability, and highly customizable powerful document conversion. It can be configured for continuous conversions from one folder to another folder (pickup folders, hot folders, watch folders). Alternatively you can integrate it into your workflow more closely either using a command line tool or callable API.

Not all document conversion software are created equal though. Here are 4 features to keep an eye out for when selecting a document conversion service for your organization:

1. High Volume Document Management

Owing to an increased usage of local archive systems and cloud storage solutions many companies are converting thousands, or even tens of thousands, of email messages, documents and other files each day. To convert this amount of files, a document conversion solution that is highly available and allows for continuous uptime is required. DCS supports high volume document conversion with clustering and failover.

2. Configuring for Performance

Take control of your conversion service by customizing the efficiency of conversion to meet the specific needs of your organization. DCS allows you to adjust the configuration of both DCS and the Watch Folder. Customizing the Watch Folders to align with your CPU/cores availability ensures the conversion service is kept busy and running at capacity, producing a more efficient conversion rate.

3. Save Time & Resources

For companies looking for an archiving or e-discovery solution, look for a file conversion software with the ability to extract and convert any supported file attachments in an Outlook Message (*.msg) file, as well as the email message itself. Automated conversion of all Outlook files allows for efficient review of email correspondences. DCS’s Watch Folder Service will convert outlook messages and their attachments.

4. Ultimate Automation

Improve the efficiency of your document conversion process by running post-process commands for each file that is converted. These commands can be batch files or other executables. This is ideal for organizations looking to integrate drop folder conversion into their workflow. Easily upload the file to a web server or send an email; the possibilities are endless. DCS offers completely customizable post conversion processing with our Watch Folder Service.

Document Conversion Service is a Windows® software product that runs in the background as a Windows® service and is able to batch convert on a 24/7 basis in a fully automated fashion a multitude of document formats. Play this video to see an overview of Document Conversion Service.