Convert to JPEG, TIFF, PDF
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Windows® document

Raster Image Printer

To Convert to TIFF, JPEG, PDF

Raster Image Printer is a virtual Windows® printer that allows you to convert to JPEG, TIFF, and PDF from any document you can open and print to your laser printer. You just select the Raster Image Printer instead of your laser printer.

If you are looking for a Windows® software product that runs 24×7 to convert documents, then check out PEERNET Document Conversion Service.

Convert to PDF, TIFF, JPEGTop Software Features:

  • Fast and easy conversions to TIFF, JPEG, PDF (as well as GIF, PNG & more).
  • Can convert any printable Windows document.
  • Combines our other image printers in one.
  • Can print from 50 to 1200 DPI.
  • Can create files without prompting and supports custom naming.
  • Can perform image resize, rotate, crop, trim, and many others image adjustments.
  • Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support.
  • Can create FAX ready TIFF files in Profile S, Profile F or Profile C FAX formats.


Raster Image Printer 10.0 Benefits

It’s just that easy! If you can print your file, then Raster Image Printer can convert it into a JPEG, TIFF, PDF or other file format. As a virtual Windows printer installed in the Printers and Faxes folder, Raster Image Printer can be accessed from any Windows application.

Multiple File Format Support The “Cadillac” of the PEERNET Image Printer family, Raster Image Printer makes converting documents to the industry-standard raster image file formats such as JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PSD, PCX, and DCX a breeze.

Create exactly the TIFF, PDF and other image formats that you need! The Raster Image Printer specializes in producing the exact image you require. Unlike competing products that offer a multitude of obscure and obsolete file formats, the Raster Image specializes in a set of image formats that are required most often today. Its image-specific customizable properties give you the tools to produce exactly what you need.

Expanded Fax Options! Both color and monochrome fax images are easy to create using the standard fax profiles offered. A complete selection of fax resolutions and fax paper sizes along with scaling and alignment options are available.

Advanced Image Processing Features! Built-in processing features have been upgraded for image rotation, cropping margins and areas, copying and scaling, resampling, as well as automatic margin trimming.

Simple Automation! Use the Raster Image Printer’s built-in run commands to pass the image to another program or to launch an external program, perfect for application developers looking to automate the process of converting documents to your required image files.

Bundling the Raster Image Printer with your Application for Resale! Raster Image Printer can be bundled as a branded driver that is tied to your software. For more details and to submit your request go to our Bundling webpage.

The PEERNET’s family of image printer drivers, Raster Image Printer, PDF Image Printer and TIFF Image Printer all share the same user interface, options and most features as applicable.

The difference is in the supported formats, where TIFF and PDF Image Printer support TIFF and PDF respectively the Raster Image Printer support multiple formats including TIFF, PDF, JPEG, PNG, DCX and others.

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Advanced Features

Raster Image Printer 10.0 Advanced Features

Save Options Save your documents as JPEG, TIFF,PNG, as a PDF file, or one of the other supported image formats. Easily create serialized files (one image per page per file) or multipaged files (all images in one file) and use the Append feature to combine files or to create sequences of images.
Custom File Naming Pre-set the file name and where it will be saved or have the driver prompt you each time. Advanced file naming can be used to set customized naming conventions.
Color and Monochrome Fax Produce fax-ready images using standard fax profiles. New fax scaling and alignment options give you complete control over the fax image you create.
Compression Settings Individual compression settings for JPG and TIFF images, and full compression options for PDF files combine to give you full control over the file size of your output.
Page Processing Take advantage of the built-in page processing features – auto-rotate your pages, crop sections of your page, automatically trim the margins and adjust the page brightness in one easy step.
Image Processing Copy each page of the document to a larger or smaller page with full alignment options. Resample each page to a particular width and height in pixels, as a percentage of the original size, or by setting a new image resolution (DPI).
Endorsements Add header and footer endorsements such as text and page numbers to your pages as you create them. Font style, size and color can all be customized.
Custom Paper Size Supports user-defined paper sizes allowing virtually any size paper, including large paper sizes for use in AutoCAD programs.
Email Options Use the e-mail options to automatically attach your images to an email message, ready for sending. Populate the To, CC, BCC, Subject, and Message fields of the email message with defaulted text and addresses.
Run Programs and Commands Specify commands to be run at the start of the print job, at the end of the print job, at each page, and on file close.
Text Extraction Includes text extraction capabilities with support for creating ASCII, UTF-8, and UTF-16 encoded files.

For more information visit the online user guide and select “Working with Raster Image Printer” in the table of contents.

Supported Platforms

Raster Image Printer 10.0 Supported Platforms

Operating System Version 10.0 Version 9.0 Version 7.0
Windows 8 and 8.1
Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2
Windows 7
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2008
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2003
Windows XP
Windows 2000

If you are a registered owner of an earlier version you can purchase the latest version at a discounted price. Please visit the following Sales FAQ for discount rates and complete steps on how to upgrade immediately online.

End of Life Releases

Product Retired End Of Life Date
Re-licensing Ceases
Recommend Upgrade
Raster Image Printer 9.0 November 2012 December 2018 Raster Image Printer 10.0
Raster Image Printer 7.0 July 2010 December 2016 Raster Image Printer 10.0
PEERNET.DRV ePRO 6.0 August 2007 December 2012 Raster Image Printer 10.0
PEERNET.DRV ePRO 5.0 September 2005 December 2012 Raster Image Printer 10.0

Computers that are currently licensed will remain operational but re-licensing and/or re-activation will no longer be available after the end of life date.

Release Notes

Raster Image Printer Release Notes

If you are a registered owner of an earlier version you can purchase the latest version at a discounted price. Please visit the following Sales FAQ for discount rates and complete steps on how to upgrade immediately online.

New Release

Update Raster Image Printer 10.0.012 – Feb 11th, 2015


  • Fixes for Windows security updates.
  • Fixed issue with JPEG in TIFF creating files at the wrong size (too big).
  • JPEG compression is now 4:4:4 (no sub-sampling) to ensure best quality, except in JPEG Color Fax which by FAX standards is required to be 4:2:2.

Update Raster Image Printer 10.0.011 – Oct 30th, 2014


  • Fixed issue where the SaveAs Dialog would not always appear on top when printing from a 32-bit application on a 64-bit edition of Windows®.
  • Fixed bug where auto-rotating a landscape page with the Copy To Page feature enabled would cause the page to rotated twice.
  • Install program now automatically enables the Print Spooler Service if it is not enabled, in order to allow product to install without any errors.

Update Raster Image Printer 10.0.010 – May 12th, 2014


  • Random issue with property tabs Image Processing and Page Processing on 64-bit operating systems sometimes failing to display properly is resolved in this update.
  • When upgrading the Windows operating system from Windows XP or Vista and moving to Windows 7 or better, the printer would sometimes fail to install; this update resolves this issue.

Update Raster Image Printer 10.0.009 – January 13th, 2014


  • Added feature to split multipage files by page count and/or file size threshold, feature can be enabled on the Save tab of printing preferences.


  • Fix to allow the use of UNC naming (\\Server\Folder\) in the Output Directory field.
  • Fix for PNControl temp files filling up the temp folder when using PNSrv10 COM in a Windows service running under NETWORK SERVICE account.

Update Raster Image Printer 10.0.007 – September 13th, 2013


  • Fix for potentially null pointer exception in PNSrv10 on systems with low resources.
  • Fix issue in locating script file when %TEMP% is setup to be session local.

Update Raster Image Printer 10.0.006 – August 27th, 2013


  • Cumulative security updates to improve stability.
  • Fix for handling of very large image files that produced incorrect output (parts of the page repeated or black areas) when scaling.
  • Fix for issue with print jobs that are submitted to the print queue with tabs as part of the print job name. In this scenario the file would spool but not print and no output was created. The tabs are now replaced with spaces and leading and trailing spaces are removed from the job name.
  • Fix for late binding when using the PNSrv10 COM interface, including using dynamic types and named and optional arguments.

Update Raster Image Printer 10.0.005 – May 31st, 2013

Added feature to allow the output file name to be specified when a print job is created by the calling application. For example, if you Print to File from an application like Word, Excel or any other application, the specified file will be used as the save file name and location.

This feature allows the Raster Image Printer to be used as a full replacement for the Microsoft Document Image Writer and even if you have programmed software to automatically print to the Microsoft Document Image Writer where the PrintOut method specified the output file name, the Raster Image Printer 10.0.005 will now use this information for the output file name.

Update Raster Image Printer 10.0.004 – April 18th, 2013


  • Resolved issue where Printer would failed to install on some supported Windows platforms.

Update Raster Image Printer 10.0.003 – January 28th, 2013


  • A registry key value is being stored as if the product were a version 9 product and not a version 10 product, this has been corrected.

NOTE: If you have been using the PNSrv10 COM interface prior to 10.0.003 release, please make sure you update to this release. You will also need to manually cleanup the registry using regedit. Locate the folder, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\PEERNET Inc.\Printers\9 or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PEERNET Inc.\Printers\9 using regedit and delete all keys that are in the form of a GUID {F2A676AF-655B-49D6-BB03-6A8FA336386B} found in this folder.

Update Raster Image Printer 10.0.002 – December 14th, 2012


  • For PNSrv10 COM Interface users, improved the cleanup of printer information left behind in registry by a Microsoft Windows when they are requested to delete a printer.
  • For PNSrv10 COM Interface users, added missing properties for controlling fax formating options: ‘Fax Page Use 256 Greyscale Palette’.
  • For PNSrv10 COM Interface users, added missing properties for controlling control string recognization: ‘Control String Prefix’ and ‘Control String Suffix’.

Release Raster Image Printer 10.0.001 – November 12th, 2012

New features:

  • Supports Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • Supports handling documents with millions of pages.
  • Supports adding header and footer endorsements on each generated image(s).
  • PNSrv10 COM interface included which supports this new release.

Final Raster Image Printer 9.0.016 – September 20th 2012

Update and Fixes:

  • Latest components re-signed with updated digital signature.
  • Resolved issues with older operating systems not recognizing the digital signature correctly.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.014 and 9.0.015 – May 01 2012

Changes and Improvements:

  • Resolved memory access voilation when storing images at 150dpi in JPEG format.
  • Resolved issue where printing would randomly fail when a user switched between printing to PDF, Raster and TIFF image printers.
  • Product no longer reports ‘Error 5 on DrvEndDoc: 477 OpenPrinter’ in Windows Event Viewer.
  • Enhanced handling of the printer pool and ports when using PNSrv9 COM API to ensure ports and printers are eventually removed from the system on termination.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.013 – August 12 2011


  • Improved performance of printing lots of small documents in a row.
  • Improved performance of text extraction.
  • Fixed issue with COM API reporting jobs not completed when no jobs in print queue, introduced by Windows 7 and Windows 2008 SP1.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.012 – June 01 2011

New features and fixes:

  • New feature added to support rendering pages at resolution of printer when in Fax Mode. This feature is enabled by default. It solves the problem of Excel documents creating more pages when forced to rendered document at Fax resolution (200 dpi) as was default in prior releases.
  • Enhanced support of paper selection based on paper width and height. A few products do not always select paper type (Letter, A4, etc.) but instead only use the width and height of the paper. Product now matches postscript printer driver behaviour for this situation.
  • For PNSrv9 COM users, improved speed of creating printer pool, enhanced clean-up of ports and printers to ensure all registry keys removed.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.011 – March 28 2011

Support added for:

  • Windows 7 (SP1)
  • Windows 2008 R2 (SP1)
  • Internet Explorer 9.0
  • Adobe Acrobat and Reader X (10.0.xx)

New features and fixes:

  • New feature added to allow creation of PDF/A-1b standard complaint files when created PDF documents.
  • New feature added to support saving sent messages in the sent folder when using extended MAPI.
  • Resolved issue with memory leak in spooler (spoolsv.exe) process.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.010 – January 31 2011

  • Resolves issues in the PNSrv9 COM Interface where the SetTIFFCompressionOptions method did not correctly configure compression to JPEG in TIFF when called with any of the JPEG compression options as follows:


    which resulted in only LZW compressed images instead of JPEG compressed images in TIFF files.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.009 – January 21 2011

  • Resolved conversion performance/speed issue found on computers with no internet access.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.008 – November 16 2010

  • Added feature to allow enabling Fax Mode to use a full 256 greyscale palette when dithering to black and white. The default is still to use a 64 greyscale palette to reduce size of fax and eliminate low intensity colors used normally to shape areas.
  • Added feature to allow setting the Control String prefix and suffix to a single unicode character value. By using this feature, products like Crystal Reports 11 and Adobe Reader can be configured so the product recognizes control strings. The default prefix of ‘~0%’ and suffix ‘?’ are used if this feature is not in affect.
  • Fixed an issue in the [TIFF File Format] section of the config C.INI file and the script S.INI file. The keywords for the Color Compression and Greyscale Compression entries:
    • High quality JPEG
    • Medium quality JPEG
    • Low quality JPEG

    were not being recognized.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.007 – September 24 2010

  • Resolved a multi-thread issue causing trial watermark to appear randomly on output when printer used in highly threaded application on computers with more then 4 CPUs.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.006 – September 15, 2010

  • Resolved another issue with paper sizes off by 1 pixel when user paper size specified instead of form name.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.005 – September 10, 2010

  • Resolved issues in Fax Mode with paper sizes off by 1 pixel.
  • Added support to detect pre-rotated forms like ‘A4 Rotated’, so operation like rotated landscape pages will be applied correctly to these paper sizes.
  • Enhanced watermark brightness to allow full range from -100 to 100 for improved control.
  • Resolved issues with PrintRangeSkipPage, and watermark control strings.
  • Resolved issue with $copies variable not reporting correct number of copies selected during print operation.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.004 – August 12, 2010

Fixed spooled page count for PNSrv9 COM users on Windows 2008 systems.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.003 – August 4, 2010

Fixed auto selecting of paper size in fax mode to when paper is printed landscape.

Update Raster Image Printer 9.0.002 – July 28, 2010

Added new feature to support auto selecting of paper size in fax mode based on first page of document.

Release Raster Image Printer 9.0.001 – July 9, 2010

Raster Image Printer 9.0 has been upgraded and enhanced to unify the driver with PEERNET’s family of image printer drivers, TIFF Image Printer and PDF Image Printer. All drivers now share the same user interface, options and most features as applicable.

Rollout of additional license/pricing models to meet the wide range of needs of our customers. Note all editions include the Developer APIs (COM, Script, …) at no additional cost.

  • End User Edition (per Seat License)
  • Unlimited End User Edition
  • Terminal Server License (per Server License)
  • Windows Service License (per Server License)
  • Open Licenses for unlimited copies, with no activations

Technical Enhancements Include:

Improved the performance of the printer driver to take advantage of parallel processing capabilities on multi-core machines.

Custom paper size improved, major improvement for those working with large paper or rotated paper sizes such as AutoCad users.

  • Removed the need to use the named paper size Custom Size; custom paper sizes can now be set directly through the Advanced Features tab without changing the paper size set on the printer driver’s Layout tab.
  • Can now create custom paper sizes larger than 54x54inches.
  • Units for custom paper size are now entered as inches (English units) or centimeters (Metric units)

Added the ability to create faxable images:

  • Supports creating Profile F and Profile S monochrome fax images, and Profile C color fax images.
  • Fax images can be created in Letter, Legal, A4(ISO), A3(ISO) and B4(ISO) paper sizes.
  • Customize fax image scaling and its alignment on the fax-sized page.
  • Supports the following fax resolutions: 100 x 100, 200 x 100, 200 x 200, 204 x 98, 204 x 196, 300 x 300, 400 x 400, 408 x 391, 204 x 391, 300 x 600, 400 x 800, 600 x 600, 600 x 1200, 1200 x 1200.
  • A reduced fax mode palette is used when creating Profile F and Profile S fax images.

Added the ability to set PDF security options:

  • 40-bit/128-bit encryption.
  • Customize user permissions on the created PDF, such as copying text and graphics, printing or changing the document and adding or changing comments and form fields.
  • Set passwords for opening or changing the PDF.

File type, compression and color reduction options on the File tab have been moved to the Save tab and have been simplified to make it easier to select the output file type. The Compression options are now on their own tab, making it easier to select compression settings for individual file types.

New Color Reduction options have been added to give greater control over the output files:

  • Reduce to 256 color palette will reduce each page to a maximum of 256 colors.
  • Reduce to 16 color palette will reduce each page to a maximum of 16 colors.
  • Reduce to optimal palette, 256 colors max will reduce each page to its minimum number of colors with a maximum of 256 colors.
  • Reduce to optimal palette, 16 colors max will reduce each page to its minimum number of colors with a maximum of 16 colors.

Added the following enhancements to page and image processing:

  • Added Trim feature that can automatically trim page margins based on a customizable intensity level.
  • Crop had been enhanced to include the ability to:
    • crop and discard image margins
    • crop and keep an inside area of the image
  • Image Brightness Level allow you to lighten or darken the image or text.
  • Copy To has been enhanced to include the ability to:
    • copy all or part of the image to a new page of the same or different size, including margin settings.
    • choose scaling and alignment of the new image.
  • Units are now entered as inches (English units) or centimeters (Metric units).

New image resampling features replace the older Scale output to DPI and allows:

  • Scaling the output image to a particular width and height.
  • Setting the new dimensions can be set using Pixels, as a Percentage of the original size, or by setting a new image resolution (DPI).

All printing is processed synchronously with the print job in the print spooler. The print job is held in the print queue until the file is created and is ready for further processing. This is different from the previous versions of the driver and should simplify the automation process for application developers who are watching the printer queue to determine when the file is created.

Control Strings can now be enabled or disabled. Control Strings are disabled when Raster Image Printer 9.0 is installed.

Added the ability to extract text from the printed documents; new Text Extraction features include:

  • text layout options to better preserve the formatting of the text in the original document
  • Text extraction files encoded as ANSII, UTF-8 or UTF-16
  • Emulate Windows, Unix or Mac end-of-line encoding
  • Emit page breaks in the text file

Includes PNSrv9 COM Interface
The PNSrv9 COM Interface was designed to make it easier for you, the developer, to programmatically control the Raster Image Printer through your .NET applications by providing the ability to control and communicate with the Raster Image Printer 9.0 during the printing and file creation process. It replaces and greatly enhances the older script file methodology used in the previous versions of the printer.

Final Update Raster Image Printer 7.0.004 – February 22, 2008

Resolved issue when Microsoft .NET 3.0 framework is installed on Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems prior to installing the Raster Image Printer. Installing the Raster Image Printer after .NET 3.0 framework caused XPS Printer to stop working.

Improved speed of installation.

Update Raster Image Printer 7.0.003 – November 14, 2007

Minor release to support faster computers.

Update Raster Image Printer 7.0.002 – August 31, 2007

Enhanced support when printing in monochrome to improve readablity of black and white documents.

The Remove filename extension option has been added to this printer. You option determines whether the file extension is removed before adding on the default output file extension.

Released Raster Image Printer 7.0.001 – August 13, 2007

Raster Image Printer fully supports Windows Vista both 32-bit and 64-bit editions and 64 bit support for Windows XP and 2003.

Raster Image Printer fully supports Windows Office 2007.

Raster Image Printer fully supports Internet Explorer 7 including the new protected mode.

Added support for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and Windows 2003 x64 Edition that supports both AMD64 and Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T). This product does not support Itanium-based Systems.

Added support for Windows 2003(SP2)

All processing of strings and file names are now fully UNICODE compliant throughout the architecture. This resolves several issues on Chinese and Japanese Windows as well as other version of Windows using UNICODE languages.

Added a Copy Printer program that supports creating copies of the Raster Image Printer 7.0 and makes it a breeze to create copies of the printer with different default settings.

In order to control the number of jobs being converted at a time by the Raster Image Printer 7.0, there is now a Set Max Jobs command. It sets a registry key value that controls the number of jobs that can be executed in parallel. There by, preventing too many jobs from running at the same time.

The Raster Image Printer 7.0 processing model is identical to the PEERNET.DRV ePRO 6.0 printing model. The default installation is the same, to spool document and start printing immediately. The script file and control file names have changed from PNEPRO6S.ini, PNEPRO6C.ini to PNEPRO7S.ini and PNEPRO7C.ini, respectively.

A new name, Raster Image Printer was chosen to replace PEERNET.DRV ePRO in order to better reflect the main purpose of the application and to highlight the fact this driver does not support older versions of the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Raster Image Printer support Windows 2000 and up. It does not support older Microsoft Windows versions such as NT 4.0, Windows 95, 98, 98 SE and ME.