PDF Creator Plus Dashboard

The PDF Creator Plus Dashboard is a brand new feature for PEERNET’s latest version of PDF Creator Plus – Version 8! This centralized hub brings all the tools and resources into one place.

From the dashboard you can open the PDF Creator Plus builder application and set the printing preferences for the PDF Creator Plus printer. There are also convenient links to help resources and tutorials to get you started.

Additionally, the dashboard is also where you activate your product, view license status and check for product updates.

Dashboard License Information

The top-left hand corner of the dashboard displays current license status. When the product is activated, it also displays your serial number, license type and subscription status.

Open PDF Builder

The Open PDF Builder tile launches the PDF Creator Plus builder application. This is where you build and preview your PDF before creating it. Pages are added in either one of two ways. The first way is by dragging and dropping PDF files into the PDF Creator Plus window. The second is by printing documents to the PDF Creator Plus printer.

This collection of pages is a project. You can use the included page editing tools to re-order, copy and delete the pages in your project. There are also annotation tools to markup pages by adding images, text and hyperlinks, and hide content before creating the final PDF.

Printer Preferences

The Printer Preferences tile gives quick access to the PDF Creator Plus printer setting right from the dashboard. From here you can set paper size and orientation of the pages. You can also set custom settings for resolution and hardware margins, or copy these settings from another printer.

Activate Product/License Wizard

The dashboard gives easy access to all of your licensing and activation needs. The last tile in the first row reads Activate Product when you have not activated the software using your serial number. Clicking the tile will start the License Wizard where you can enter in your serial number and activate your software

Once the software is activated, this tile changes to License Wizard. Start here if you need to change or update your serial number. You can also manage your license activations via your PEERNET online account from here.

PDF Creator Plus Help Resources

The middle three tiles are all about help resources. There are links to a quick start guide, tutorials and the product user guide.

The Quick Start Guide PDF introduces you to the features and layout of PDF Creator Plus. The guide also walks you through creating your first PDF file.

The Video Tutorials tile takes you to our tutorials page on the PEERNET website. Here you can find a range of tutorials from basic to advanced on using PDF Creator Plus.

The last tile, User Guides, launches the PDF Creator Plus User Guide web page on the PEERNET website.

Licensing and Product Updates

The bottom row provides quick access to your PEERNET online account. Your account is where you manage your product licenses and renew your subscription. All product updates are also available in your account.

When an update is available in your account, the last tile will change from Up to Date to Check for Updates. Clicking the tile will take you to your My Products page to download and install the update.

Everything in One Place

We hope you like the new addition of the dashboard. Our goal was to make licensing and activation simpler. We also wanted to centralize access to all of the help resources. We like it, let us know what you think!