Removing the Original File Extension When Using Document Conversion Service

To create a file without the original file extension as part of the name with Document Conversion Service (DCS), we need to turn off the setting that controls if the file extension is used when the new file name is created. This setting is turned on by default.

This setting is controlled in either the Conversion Profile, if you are using the command line tools or calling the .NET library from your own code, or the Watch Folder service configuration file, if you are using the included Watch Folder service.

If you are using the Watch Folder:

  1. Stop Watch Folder Service. (Start – Programs – Document Conversion Service 3.0 – Watch Folder – Stop Watch Folder Service)
  2. Open Watch Folder configuration file. (Start – Programs – Document Conversion Service 3.0 – Watch Folder – Configure Watch Folder Settings)
  3. Do the following in the “Output file options” section :
    • Set <add Name=”Save;Remove filename extension” to 1
    <!-- Output file options -->
    <add Name="Devmode settings;Resolution" Value="300"/>
    <add Name="Save;Output File Format" Value="TIFF Multipaged"/>
    <add Name="Save;Append" Value="0"/>
    <add Name="Save;Color reduction" Value="Optimal"/>
    <add Name="Save;Dithering method" Value="Halftone"/>
    <add Name="Save;Remove filename extension" Value="1" />
    <add Name="TIFF File Format;BW compression" Value="Group4"/>
    <add Name="TIFF File Format;Color compression" Value="LZW RGB"/>
    <add Name="TIFF File Format;Indexed compression" Value="LZW"/>
    <add Name="TIFF File Format;Greyscale compression" Value="LZW"/>
    <add Name="JPEG File Format;Color compression" Value="Medium Quality"/>
    <add Name="JPEG File Format;Greyscale compression" Value="High Quality"/>
    <add Name="Image Options;Fill order" Value="MSB2LSB"/>
    <add Name="Image Options;Fax" Value="0"/>
    <add Name="Image Options;Fax Profile" Value="0"/>
    <add Name="Image Options;Fax Resolution" Value="4"/>
    <add Name="Processing;Rotate landscape" Value="0"/>
  4. Save the Watch Folder configuration file.
  5. Start the Watch Folder Service. (Start – Programs – Document Conversion Service 3.0 – Watch Folder – Start Watch Folder Service)

If you are using the Command Line Tools or .NET Utility:

  1. Stop your application.
  2. Open Profiles folder. (Start – Programs – Document Conversion Service 3.0 – Open Conversion Profiles Folder)
  3. If you are using one of the pre-created profiles listed in the folder to use in the Command Line or .NET library call.
  4. If creating your own profile, you can make a copy of one of the profiles to use as a template for your profile and rename the new XML file. (ie “MyCustomProfile.xml”)
  5. Open the profile you plan to use and enter the following line:
    <add Name="Save;Remove filename extension" Value="1" />
  6. Now you can use your profile in the Command Line or .NET library call.

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