Changing the Logon Account

If you need the Watch Folder Service to access shared or network folders, then you need to change the Watch Folder LogOn credentials to use a network account or other account that has access to these shared or network folders.

Changing Watch Folder Login Account

  1. Stop the Watch Folder Service. (Click Start – Document Conversion Service 3.0 – Stop Watch Folder)
  2. Open the Services panel. (Click Start – Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Services)
  3. Scroll down to PEERNET Watch Folder Service and double click it. Accessing Watch Folder Service Account in Services screen
  4. Click Log On tab.
  5. Enter domain\account and the password that can access the shared/network folders.
  6. Click OK. (the account will be granted the Log On As A Service right) Changing Watch Folder Service Account

Entering Network Path in Watch Folder Configuration File

  1. Open the Watch Folder Config File. (Click Start – Document Conversion Service 3.0 – Configure Watch Folder Settings)
  2. Scroll down to the Watch Folder section you are working with.
  3. Enter the URL path to the Input folder you are wanting to monitor.
  4. We recommend leaving the Staging and Working folders on the local drive.
  5. Enter the paths for Failed, Completed and Output. Entering URL paths in Watch Folder Config file
  6. Click File – Save.
  7. Start Watch Folder Service. (Click Start – Document Conversion Service 3.0 – Start Watch Folder)

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