file conversion customer service

Provide Better Customer Service with Image Printers and Document Conversion Software

file conversion customer service

So much of our modern business is now done online, and on computers in general. Over the past couple of decades, email and other forms of electronic communication have replaced old standards for many of our most vital business communications and transactions. And customers in today’s society expect everything to be fast and accessible, at their fingertips at a moment’s notice.

For organizations that can’t move quickly to meet those demands, the situation can be troublesome. Whether through the use of outdated systems, or just a reluctance to invest, it’s possible that your customer service is not at the level it could be due to a lack of technological integration. Here are some ways that digitizing your business communications through the use of image printers or document conversion software can help your company provide better customer service (among the many other benefits of professional document conversion software.)

Emailed Invoices. So many companies are using this now, that the ones that don’t have some sort of similar system in place are at risk of falling behind. Products like Peernet’s PDF Image Printer make it a snap to convert all types of Windows files into high-quality PDF documents, ideal for sharing invoices with your customers or clients. You’ll end up saving a lot on paper and printing costs, not to mention postage – and your customers will appreciate the promptness with which they receive their invoices.

Easily share other types of data with your customers as needed. Whether it’s quotes for work, contracts, how-to guides, or other types of marketing collateral, there’s no need to waste paper on it. Easily send of a digital version to clients, and at the same time, conveniently store it on your own system or server for safe keeping.

Reduce Long-term Costs, and Pass Those Savings on to Your Customers. Building off of that last point, going to a digital invoice or quoting system is just one way that using image printers can reduce overhead at your company. This can allow you to price your services more competitively than you currently do, potentially allowing you to land more business as a result.

Having easily accessible client information allows you to respond to customers quicker. In the fast-paced, modern business environment, your clients are no longer accustomed to waiting around. They want answers quickly, and expect to not have to explain their inquiry more than once. Digitized customer records, in conjunction with a good system for digital document organization, can cut crucial time spent on administrative tasks down significantly. This allows you and your colleagues to put more time and resources towards what matters – making your customers happy.

Allow your employees to access information on the go. So many businesses now have their staff out on the road, or working remotely. Imagine the freedom for your employees to work from anywhere – this is what document management with use of image printers and document conversion software allows for.

With more efficiency in place, customer service costs can come down. If your staff is able to serve more people in a day, that may allow for reduced staffing numbers or hours worked. This can allow you to free up resources for other company priorities.

You can ensure the security of your customers’ records. Earning a customers’ trust is a crucial part of doing business. With a good plan in place to secure digital documents, you can establish credibility for your organization and ensure a great relationship with your customers.

Why Start Using Image Printers or Document Conversion Now?

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “we’ve gotten this far without any sort of document digitization process or tools. Why change now?”

In reality, it’s a perfect time to make the leap. Document conversion software, or image printers, can help you update your business operations and find new efficiencies that make you more competitive than ever in the modern corporate world. Here are a few reasons why it’s an ideal time to jump aboard the bandwagon.

Server space and cloud computing is more reasonable and accessible than ever. “The cloud”: it’s not just a buzzword, it’s a real opportunity for businesses large and small to free up resources. Moving your business documents to the cloud can save your organization time and money which can be reallocated into the core objectives of your organization. By off-loading network costs and having the option to scale up or down depending on your business’s needs, you’ll have the flexibility your organization needs to become leaner and more responsive to your customers. And you won’t be left behind by competitors that have made the same transition already.

There is very likely software that matches the specific needs of your company. Here at Peernet, we offer a wide variety of programs and license levels that are designed to suit different sorts of customers and business needs. Whether you have a very specific need to just create PDF documents on demand, for example, or on the other end of the scale, you’re looking for an enterprise level batch document converter, we have an option that is quite likely to work well for you. We also understand the costs associated with introducing new software to an organization in terms of training – which is why, for all except for our highest-end, complex software, we have designed them for ease of use. A program like Raster Image Printer makes converting any document format to another as easy as printing out a physical page.

If you’re not using a format like PDF or TIFF to send documents to clients, you may already look unprofessional in their eyes. Word processing software like Microsoft Word is great for creating documents – but one of its biggest drawbacks is that when you share documents from one computer to the next, it can lead to botched, bad formatting of a Microsoft Word document. This is due to differences in fonts, margins and other document settings. True professionals know that your best bet is to convert your Word document to a format such as PDF before sharing it with others. That way, you can be sure that your valued customer or client will see your document exactly as you intended.

How Do I Get Started?

Hopefully this post has shed some light on some ways to improve your customer service with document conversion software and image printers, and why you should make the move in this direction.

To get started, follow our document conversion product guide to get an idea of what professional conversion software might fit your needs. If you need more information, you can contact us with your needs and we’ll recommend the product that’s perfect for you. Or, check out the video posted below.