Cloud computing - Why Businesses are Moving to the Cloud

The Top Reasons that Companies Are Moving to The Cloud

Cloud computing - Why Businesses are Moving to the Cloud

There has been constant talk in recent years about the move to cloud computing. And it’s not just a trendy buzzword.

Businesses, ranging in size from mom-and-pop operations to some of the world’s largest multinational corporations, are utilizing the cloud to reduce costs, freeing up budget and resources to direct towards their core business initiatives.

What is the cloud?

The idea of cloud computing is running applications and storage off of the Internet, rather than from a physical, on-premises disk drive. Cloud storage can save your organization time, money and precious resources, which you can then allocate into the more important aspects of your business. Here are four of the major reasons that companies of all sizes are moving to the cloud.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Companies:

Off-loading costs.

Moving to the cloud can be a savvy financial move due to the economies of scale involved. Because you’re not running servers yourself, you take on little of the capital costs involved with that. Using a cloud provider can significantly reduce the costs associated with:

  • Hardware & software;
  • Backing up systems and files;
  • Disaster recovery;
  • Network monitoring.

There’s also the potential to trim office costs like electricity and floor space from your bottom line, and potentially, even staffing costs.

IT Security.

There are several components to protecting your document security and securing your business from digital attacks. Many cloud providers offer a layer of security that on-premises IT may not be able to meet . Any reputable cloud provider will place a high emphasis on IT security, and boast staff members that are highly specialized to deal with the latest security threats. And again, leaving your IT security in the hands of a trusted provider frees up time and resources which can then be devoted to your own organization’s day-to-day operations.

The Flexibility to Scale on Demand to Meet the Changing Needs of Your Business.

The beauty of the cloud is that you can scale and adapt it to your business regardless of what size operation you are running. If your business suddenly grows, you have the flexibility to re-allocate resources as needed without the costs involved in making several new purchases. In most cases with cloud computing, you benefit from sharing what were previously huge financial commitments, and pay for only what you use.

You Can’t Afford to Be Left Behind.

Cloud computing is the future of corporate IT, because it provides all these tangible benefits while freeing up resources for your company’s most important money-making tasks. That is a competitive advantage that businesses in all industries are taking, and if you don’t make the move first, your competition might beat you to it.

How Peernet Can Help

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