How To Create Faxable TIFF Files Using DCS

To create faxable TIFF files with Document Conversion Service (DCS); a user simply installs the DCS program on a server, then installs any needed third party applications, like Microsoft Word for DOC, RTF and TXT files or Adobe Reader for PDF files and can use either the Command Line Utilities or .NET library to call Document Conversion Service from their Fax Service code or the Watch Folder service.

You do the configuration either in a Conversion Profile, if you are calling the Command Line or .NET library from your code or use the ConvertToFaxTIFF section in the Watch Folder service, to create the Faxable TIFF files.

Create Faxable TIFF using Watch Folder

To see what folders are pre-configured or to change the folders used in the ConvertToFaxTIFF section:

  1. Stop Watch Folder Service. (Start – Programs – Document Conversion Service 3.0 – Watch Folder – Stop Watch Folder Service)
  2. Open Watch Folder configuration file. (Start – Programs – Document Conversion Service 3.0 – Watch Folder – Configure Watch Folder Settings)
  3. Scroll down to the ConvertToFaxTIFF section.
    <WatchFolder Name="ConvertToFaxTIFF Watch Folder">
        <!-- Folder options -->
        <add Name="InputFolder" Value="C:\PEERNET\WatchFolders\ConvertToFaxTIFF\Input"/>
        <add Name="SearchFilter" Value="*.*"/>
        <add Name="IncludeSubFolders" Value="True"/>
        <add Name="DeleteInputSubFolders" Value="True"/>
        <add Name="StagingFolder" Value="C:\PEERNET\WatchFolders\ConvertToFaxTIFF\Staging"/>
        <add Name="WorkingFolder" Value="C:\PEERNET\WatchFolders\ConvertToFaxTIFF\Working"/>
        <add Name="FailedFolder" Value="C:\PEERNET\WatchFolders\ConvertToFaxTIFF\Failed"/>
        <add Name="CompletedFolder" Value="C:\PEERNET\WatchFolders\ConvertToFaxTIFF\Completed"/>
        <add Name="OutputFolder" Value="C:\PEERNET\WatchFolders\ConvertToFaxTIFF\Output"/>
  4. Modify any folder paths that you wish to change.
  5. Save the Watch Folder configuration file.
  6. Start the Watch Folder Service. (Start – Programs – Document Conversion Service 3.0 – Watch Folder – Start Watch Folder Service)

Steps to Create Faxable TIFF Using a Profile

  1. Stop your application.
  2. Open Profiles folder. (Start – Programs – Document Conversion Service 3.0 – Open Conversion Profiles Folder)
  3. You can use one of the pre-created TIFF 204×196 Fax profiles listed in the folder to use in the Command Line or .NET library call.
  4. If creating your own profile, you can make a copy of “TIFF 204x196dpi Monochrome Fax.xml” to use as a template for your profile and rename the new XML file. (ie “HR Fax.xml”)
  5. Open your new profile and enter the settings you want for your Faxable TIFF file. For a complete list of settings and values, see Image Options in the User Guide.
  6. Now you can use your profile in the Command Line or .NET library call.

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