3 Reasons to Purchase File Conversion Software through a Reseller

Using the PEERNET online store, our customers are able to purchase all of our software directly online. Whether you are looking for a desktop pdf to tiff converter like our TIFF Image Printer or an unattended batch converter like our Document Conversion Service, all PEERNET software, when purchased via credit card or PayPal, through the PEERNET online store will be immediately delivered via email and to your PEERNET online account.

The PEERNET accounting department also supports customers who prefer to purchase via purchase order, wire transfer or check. If you ever require a formal quote for our software, do not hesitate to contact our team at [email protected].


Did you know that PEERNET also works closely with major software resellers to sell our file conversion software?

PEERNET regularly works with software reseller companies including: SHI, Insight, Component Source, Comparex, Softchoice, and SoftwareONE. Recently, PEERNET has been named among the Top 100 Bestselling Publishers by Component Source again for 2019. If you are looking for a reseller in your country, please visit the PEERNET Distributors and Resellers webpage.

What are the benefits of purchasing PEERNET document conversion software through a reseller?

1) Resellers can sell to you in your currency and handle any tax obligations.

The PEERNET website lists all prices in USD. While we do offer a currency converter which allows customers to see an estimate of the cost in their currency, we ultimately transact in USD. If you would prefer to make the purchase directly in your currency, going through a reseller is a great opinion. In addition, the reseller can handle any tax obligations your country imposes on your behalf, making the purchasing process much easier on your organization.

2) Resellers with whom you have an existing relationship might be able to offer you discounted pricing.

Many large organizations often have a reseller with whom they have an existing relationship and through whom they make all software purchases for their organization. These types of relationships are advantageous to the customer as they only need to purchase from one company in order to meet all of their software needs. In addition, developing a relationship with a reseller can assist your organization in managing your annual renewal fees as the reseller will aid in tracking software renewal dates. If you have an existing relationship with a reseller, purchasing PEERNET tiff conversion software through them can also result in a discounted price, depending on the total volume of your purchases via that reseller.

3) Resellers in your country can provide you software pricing and details in your own language.

PEERNET does business in English so if you would prefer to investigate your software options and receive pricing in another language, a smart option would be to purchase through a reseller. PEERNET is happy to work with you, via the reseller, if you need assistance determining which of our conversion software would best meet your needs or if you are still testing the software. After the right software for you has been identified, the reseller will be able to provide pricing and purchasing information in your preferred language.

If you are interested in purchase through a reseller, please have them contact [email protected] for pricing and we’d be happy to work with them. In addition, if you are a reseller interested in working with PEERNET, please do not hesitate to contact our team for more information.