PEERNET Solutions From Around the World

Document conversion and image document management is a task that every company, large and small, encounters at one time or another. Whether you’re a small North American company, a large European company, or a multinational company with offices all over the world, PEERNET has software and management solutions for you.

With a diverse clientele we strive to offer just as diverse a product selection to ensure that we have a solution for any situation. Here is a look at what some of our recent clients have used our solutions for, and how you can implement these solutions in your own business.

Reports Software

UK Mail Logo

With postal companies in North America and the United Kingdom, Canada Post – UK Mail currently use PEERNET Reports software, to produce shipping labels, and bill of ladings that can be scanned via bar code technology included in the Report software.

Hewlett Packard utilizes PEERNET Reports software on their factory floor to produce the packing slips and box labels for all items shipped out.

Image Printers

Capital One Logo

Many institutions make use of PEERNET’s TIFF Image Printer to produce TIFF images for their image document management systems. Some are using it as an automated service solution while others are individual users sending documents on a daily basis. For 10+ years the following clients have been making use of this service:

  • Financial Institutions
    • Capital One
    • Citibank
    • Wellsfargo
    • Bank of Ireland
  • Life Insurance Companies
    • Hartford Life
    • BlueCross Blue Shield
    • Farm Family
  • Health Care Industry
    • Apex Health Care Partners LLC
    • Health Care Services Corporation
  • States
    • Nebraska
    • New Jersey

AUTO CAD File Conversion

Lantmateriet Logo

AUTO CAD images pose problems with their large size. When trying to convert the image, some file converters are not to scale. Companies such as Lantmateriet, a Swedish mapping and land registration authority; New South Wales Government; and BMW(AG), a German automobile company, have found a solution in PEERNET’s Image Printer. Each uses AUTO CAD for design and outputs to a PEERNET Image Printer (TIFF or Raster) to produce images which retain the actual scale of the measurements in the final image. Some users printed directly while others used it in an automated service to convert a large volume of documents daily.

TIFF Image Printer for Fax

Interfax Logo

Interfax, a fax service company based out of Israel produces bulk faxes for multiple companies using a Windows Service they have written which converts over 40 file types to TIFF using PEERNET’s TIFF Image Printer. With their programming and our software, Interfax is able to process up to 20,000 documents a day, adding up to nearly several million a year.

PDF Creator Plus

Smuckers Logo

Portable Document Format or PDF is one of the most widely accepted and used file formats today. It’s no surprise that companies from a variety of industries, and thousands of individuals have purchased PEERNET’s versatile and essential PDF Creator Plus. Its ability to merge documents from multiple sources and convert them all into one PDF document has proven essential for companies such as:

  • Advantage Sales & Marketing
  • Smuckers – The JM Smucker Company
  • Gunderson Dettmer, LLP