Avoid pitfalls of online conversion with PEERNET’s Conversion Software

Businesses on the go can’t halt production when files need to be translated. You need something safe, quick and reliable. So what are your options? With online converters as abundant as salt in the sea, it’s tempting to simply perform a Google search and convert your file. But what are you opening up your business and private files to?

Safety Concerns

Online file converters boast high levels of safety but can you trust them? Most converters require you to upload your file to their server and then download the converted file, leaving you open to the possibility of carrying viruses and trojans to your computer or business server.

Further, online converters make assurances to keep your information safe but do you really want to take the chance with sensitive and private files?

PEERNET’s file conversion products are always safe and reliable. No need to upload your file with PEERNET’s PDF Creator Plus, a desktop application offering proven results.

Not so easy to use

In order to convert your file many online converters require far too many hoops to jump through. Most require a membership, which, while free, requires you to enter all your information to their server opening you up to unwanted e-mails from their service. Once signed up, online converters do not always offer support for their products leaving users frustrated and making file conversion much longer than need be.

PEERNET prides themselves on their high level of support and the fastest response time in the industry, generally responding on average within two hours. PEERNET’s technical support is available to answer your questions from 9 am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Don’t always support large file sizes

AUTO CAD files are large and pose compression difficulties during file conversion. Online file converters are not always equipped to handle specialized files like CAD, that’s why many customers turn to PEERNET’s TIFF Image Printer and Raster Image Printer which offer reliable CAD file conversion while keeping images to scale.

While online converters seem like a convenient solution, and do have their place, PEERNET’s conversion software and tools provide peace of mind to businesses with their reliability, security and high level of support.