PEERNET: Powerful Support for Powerful Software


As a producer of desktop graphic and imaging products ranging from simple display, printing and conversion tools, to powerful high-end server-based products, our range of software has been leading the industry for over 12 years. How do we do it? The bench mark of our success is customer support. We pride ourselves on providing the best assistance and the fastest response time in the industry.

Our customers can’t afford downtime and neither can we. That’s why we offer live technical support Monday through Friday during peak hours (9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time), generally responding within two hours. No tickets to submit, no online queues to wait through. Outside of business hours our customers are directed to explore our extensive online forum with answers to common questions and solutions to problems.

Whether you’re a large company or a budding small business ready to streamline your work flow, we offer support and service to match our display, printing and conversion tools. We are here to help you.

On top of support for our current products we are always looking for ways to improve. Are there features or changes you’d like to see in our products? We’re open to suggestions. Customers are welcome to submit customer feedback to [email protected], allowing us the opportunity to give you what you need.

Keep your productivity up and your business moving. Our technical support operators can be reached at 1-800-883-7980 or 613-224-6894, or you can access our FAQs 24 hours a day on our Support page.