Document Conversion with .Net

Need: As a solution provider working with .NET you need to add into your application the ability to convert documents of different formats into TIFF or PDF files.

Document Conversion Service

Solution: Document Conversion Service and the included PEERNET.ConvertUtility .NET library.

  • Convert a file with as little as a single line of code.
  • Convert a list of files or pass in a folder and have us convert the entire folder of documents.
  • When converting folders the content of the folders can be filtered to only convert the files you need.
  • Lists of files or the contents of a folder are processed in parallel (multiple documents can be converted at the same time) up to the limits of your Document Conversion Service installation.
  • PEERNET.ConvertUtility uses a collection of settings to determine the type of file created.
    • These settings collections can be saved to disk as a profile. Profiles of several common output file types are included. Profiles can be modified, copied and new ones created to match your requirements.
    • The settings collection can also be dynamically created in your code and passed into the PEERNET.ConvertUtility methods. This allows you to change your conversion settings on-the-fly.
    • When converting a list of files, settings can also individually be set on each file.
  • Each convert method returns when all files have been converted.
  • Complete information about the original conversion request and the results of the conversion, be it errors, or a list of the created files is returned by each method.
    • This information can optionally be saved to disk in an XML format for later processing

Read more in our On-line User Guide or you can also access the On-line PDF.