PDF Creator Plus – A Powerful Creation Tool

Peernet PDF-creator-plus

The fast creation of PDF files lends itself like no other file type to businesses which never slow down.

Companies, students and home users are using PDF files for their day-to-day file requirements for a number of reasons:

  • overwhelming versatility and cross-platform compatibility;
  • compression abilities;
  • the security in knowing that everyone viewing the PDF file is seeing the same thing.

For images, screenshots, documents, spreadsheets, drawings, reports or any other file type, PDFs are the most widely acceptable and easy-to-use file type.

Easy PDF Creation

PEERNET’s PDF Creator Plus 6.0 is PDF creation software that is as simple as printing. It combines a virtual printer with a powerful preview application that displays your printed document before the PDF is created.

The preview application offers many other features in additional to just viewing your printed pages, including:

  • If you leave the preview open, you can then print other files allowing you to merge different files together into a single PDF file.
  • The preview provides you the ability of rearranging, adding, copying or deleting pages before creating the PDF file.
  • Save your printed pages as a PDF Creator Plus project file so you can revise your PDF at any time.

PEERNET’s PDF Creator Plus 6.0 works with any Windows application and even includes a Microsoft Word Add-In which ensures that documents created in Microsoft Word will keep intact their headings, outlines and hyperlinks when saved as PDF file. For businesses that need to attach notes or graphics to highlight important information or mask out sensitive information, PDF Creator Plus 6.0 is equipped with a powerful set of Annotation tools.

The Best PDF Creator for Business, Students and Home

PDF Creator Plus is the solution for businesses, students and home users that need to convert and send varied file types quickly and easily across multiple platforms. As an added bonus, PDF Creator Plus is not limited to creating only PDF files, it is also capable of converting TIFF and JPEG files with hot buttons for easy conversion.