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Industry Example: How We Helped Alpha Systems Better Manage Healthcare Records

The Client & Their Need


Alpha Systems, a long term client of ours using the TIFF Image Printer came to us with a problem: they needed documents to be converted in an unattended fashion and they needed to upgrade their document imaging database (called Alpha ImageWorks® solution) so they could be more efficient and effective in the management of their medical healthcare records.

This client needed a solution that would allow Postscript and PDF files to be converted to TIFF images and obtain key data from the Postscript and PDF files in order to file these images into their Alpha ImageWorks® document imaging database.

Our Solution: Document Conversion Service

We proposed a solution that coupled our Document Conversion Service with custom software to meet the client’s needs.

In this solution, our Document Conversion Service software is used to convert documents to TIFF images as well as text files that represent the textual information of the original Postscript and PDF documents.  The images together with the accompanying text files are used by a customized version of the Watch Folder Service (a feature included in the Document Conversion Service) to extract key data using a special algorithm that we developed specifically for Alpha Systems. Within this customized version of the Watch Folder Service, this textual information is then used to appropriately file the images into their data management system.

The Result: Automated Document Archiving & Retrieval

The result is a fully automated system where patient reports created by hospital personnel are easily filed into the data management system for later review and retrieval.   This eliminates the bottlenecks caused by paper and multiple IT systems utilized throughout many hospitals, providing one, centralized access point to all patient information, such as: X-Rays, EKGs, blood work and other lab reports, doctor notes, and more.

After a test run of our proposed solution at two US hospitals, we were happy to see phenomenal results, and the client then decided to partner with us to deliver this same solution to all their US hospital clients.  To date, this solution has been installed in 10 US hospitals, with great success!

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More about the client featured in this blog post: Our partner, Alpha Systems delivers comprehensive data and document management solutions that address every stage of the healthcare information life cycle. They have a laser focus on eliminating bottlenecks caused by paper and disparate IT systems  and a goal of merging various sources of data into a central source of organized information.