What is a document conversion service?

Document Conversion Service is a proprietary program that converts Microsoft Windows documents from one format to another. It functions as a fully integrated Microsoft Windows desktop application, as well as, a 7/24 Microsoft Windows service component. Document Conversion Service makes the process of converting documents very easy for the user. The file conversion utility program allows for any number of files and folders to be converted as easily as you would copy, paste or delete them.

Document Conversion Service

Document Conversion Service is a fantastic tool to have in the business or home office.

With the ability to convert Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, Adobe PDF files, PostScript files, HTML files and web pages, as well as other popular file formats into non-searchable Adobe PDF documents, TIFF, JPEG and other image file formats, Document Conversion Service is an industry-leading file converter, and an indispensable tool for all your conversion needs.

Document Conversion Service is easy to use and has the following features:

  • Ability to convert any number of files and folders.
  • Ability to watch a folder and convert any document dropped into the folder.
  • Customizable conversion properties through the use of easy to configure profiles; including output file type, resolution, color, serialized or multi-paged files, compression options and output file location.
  • Convert any file that can be opened and printed by any of the supported applications.

What are the benefits of purchasing a dedicated professional Document Conversion Service?

  • High Throughput

Document Conversion Service has been designed from the beginning to be a highly scalable product able to process many documents concurrently to take advantage of the multi-CPU and multi-core systems available today. One installation of this service is able to replace many smaller systems. That alone converts to huge savings as now only one system has to be maintained instead of many smaller systems.

  • Windows Service

This product can be run as a full-fledged Windows® service. Most solutions of this nature require an active signed-in user that exposes a security risk, where a Windows service is a secure solution.

  • Accurate Conversions

The application used to create your document is the one used to do the conversion. This guarantees the fidelity of your converted documents. For Microsoft Office, the appropriate application; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, or Outlook is used. For Adobe® PDF documents, Adobe Reader or Acrobat is used. For web documents, Microsoft® Internet Explorer is used. For AutoCAD® documents, then Autodesk® Design Review and/or DWG True view is used.

  • Scalable

By utilizing printer and application pooling, document conversion is fast and efficient. It can be scaled based on your system resources or scaled out across systems to expand through-put.

  • No System Default Printer

Document Conversion Service never changes the default printer on the system. This allows for true parallel processing of all documents through the available pool of printers. This is not possible with other conversion products as they require the printer to become the system default printer in order to use commands like shell print and others that can only print to the system default printer.

  • Converter Plug-ins

As new document converters plug-ins are developed, tested and released, you will have the option to license them. If you have a need for a specific document converter and one is not already available, you can request us to produce one. As each application requires very special handling in order to run properly in a Windows service, as well as, to allow it to operate properly with a Document Conversion Service to obtain scalability and to allow for full error recovery of rogue applications, it has become abundantly clear over the development of the product that it would unreasonable to expect this can be done by any but an expert document conversion service developer.