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TIFF Image Printer

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Working with TIFF Image Printer

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This section contained step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to enable and configure the features available in TIFF Image Printer and give a brief overview of how each feature works.

For basic tutorials on how to convert files using TIFF Image Printer and create the most common file formats, see the Basic Conversions section. For technical documentation for each of the property tabs found in the Profile Manager utility, see the Profile Manager section.

You can jump directly to a tutorial by selecting a link below, or you can refer to the table of contents for a complete list of step-by-step instructions.

How to get started

Create a New Profile Settings File

View Your Images


Save Options

Append Multiple Files Into a Single File

Save Files Without Prompting

Change Output Type

Create a Serializing Sequence of Files

Change Where Files are Saved

Automatically Split Files

Reduce TIFF File Size


Fax Mode

Create Fax Format Files


Filename Creator

Create a Custom Filename with Text

Create a Custom Filename with Unique File ID

Create a Custom Filename with Date and Time

Create a Custom Filename with Dynamic Output Folders


Page Editing

Rotate Pages

Crop Page Margins or Area

Trim Existing Margins

Adjust Page Brightness


Page Resizing

Copy Page Margins or Areas

Resize Images Using Resampling

Add Borders to Page


Document Information

Set Document Information



Add Text Watermark Stamp

Add Image Watermark Stamp

Add Page Numbering Watermark Stamp

Add Date and Time Watermark Stamp


Text Extraction

Extract Text From the Created File

Control Strings

Dynamically Set Filename and Output Location

Email and SMS

Email the Created File

Sending SMS Text Messages

Creating ZIP Files

ZIP the Created File

Sending SMS Text Messages

Run Commands

Automatically View the Created File

Send Email when File Created

Compress Created File into ZIP


Working with Large Paper Size

Add a Custom Paper Form

Configure TIFF Image Printer to Use a Custom Paper Size

Print Well Logs as One Continuous Image


Shared Profiles

Create a Shared Profile