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TIFF Image Printer

This feature creates and sends an email to your desired recipients with the converted file, or files, attached. The file can be attached individually, or it can be compressed into a ZIP file to create a smaller email. The size and number of emails sent can also be configured to help keep emails below any size and email count limitation that may be in place by your organization.

The attached files are not automatically deleted after the email is sent; this can be controlled using the settings on the Cleanup Options tab.

Emails can also be sent to notify someone when a file fails to convert. In this case, no files are attached to the email that is sent.

Emails are sent using Outlook, or using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) mail server. All email settings are controlled through the profile.

These topics cover how to send emails using these different methods:

Send Email Using Outlook

Send Email Using SMTP

Send Email on Failure