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TIFF Image Printer

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Basic Conversions

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This section contained basic tutorials on how to open and print a document to TIFF Image Printer in order to create the most common file formats using the system profiles that come with TIFF Image Printer.

TIFF Image Printer comes with system profiles: Color Optimized TIFF, Monochrome TIFF, Fax TIFF, and Serialized Color Optimized TIFF. These system profiles contain the most frequently used settings when creating basic TIFF images. The basic tutorials in this section will demonstrate how to select one of the system profiles during conversion.

For step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to use these properties tabs to enable and configure specific settings offered by TIFF Image Printer, see the Working with TIFF Image Printer section. For technical documentation for each of the property tabs found in the Profile Manager utility, see the Profile Manager section.

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Create Color TIFF Images

Create Black and White TIFF Images

Create Faxable TIFF Images

Create Serialized TIFF Images