TIFF file of Different Lengths for AutoCAD

Question: Why can I not see my AutoCad paper sizes in TIFF Image Printer 10.0?

Answer: The paper sizes as added by AutoCAD cannot be selected from within AutoCAD when printing to the TIFF Image Printer 10.0 as TIFF Image Printer 10.0 is a GDI-based Microsoft Windows printer driver based on the Universal Printer Driver (or Unidriver) core. The Unidriver core is responsible for displaying what paper sizes the printer can use, and the driver core cannot see the AutoCAD paper sizes. The solution is to add the new paper sizes do they are available for the TIFF Image Printer to use.

How to add paper sizes:

  1. Go to Start – Control Panel.
  2. Click System and Security.
  3. Click Administrative Tools.
  4. Double click Print Management.
  5. Select “Print Servers” (in left column) and then select the name of your computer (ie Server1).
  6. Right click “Forms” and then click “Manage Forms”
  7. Check “Create a new form”
    • Enter a descriptive name in the “Form name:” field (e.g. “30 x 42″ or “36 x 48″).
    • Set the Measurement units to “English” or “Metric”
    • Enter the desired Width and Height. IMPORTANT: Make the Width less than the Height as you can always choose Landscape orientation.
  8. Click “Save Form”.
  9. Repeat steps 7-8 for each new paper size you want to create.
  10. Click Close when you are done.
  11. Open your drawing in AutoCAD.
  12. Select File – Plot, and in the Plot dialog, set the Plot device to TIFF Image Printer 10.0
  13. On the Plot Settings tab:
    • select the desired paper size
    • set the desired orientation, usually Landscape
    • set the desired scale, such as Scale to fit
    • click OK to print your drawing.