Convert HTML to TIFF with TIFF Image Printer

Do you need to convert HTML to TIFF images?

Just print your HTML files to the TIFF Image Printer to quickly convert HTML to TIFF images in seconds. Create separate TIFF images or combine multiple HTML to TIFF using the append feature.

Do more than just HTML to TIFF, TIFF Image Printer works with any Windows® application making it the TIFF converter you will turn to time and again.

Why Convert HTML to TIFF?

Convert HTML to TIFF images to archive and store your HTML pages. TIFF images are very difficult to alter and can be viewed by virtually anyone. TIFF is a common format for faxing, and is often used in document imaging, document archiving and eDiscovery software.

How to Convert HTML to TIFF

Install TIFF Image Printer onto your computer. You will see the TIFF Image Printer icon on your desktop. We are using TIFF Image Printer here, the steps are the same for Raster Image Printer.

Launch Dashboard

Open your web page in Internet Explorer or any other web browser. To open the Print dialog in Internet Explorer you press Ctrl-P or click the Settings cog and then choose Print-Print… from the menu.

Print your HTML file  by clicking the triple dot icon, and then choosing from the menu.

Choose TIFF Image Printer 12 from the list of printers and then click the Print button.

Select Image Printer

Enter the location and filename for the TIFF file.

Enter name and location

Select the profile, group of settings, that you want applied to your output TIFF Image. For basic TIFF conversion we recommend the Color Optimized TIFF profile.

Select TIFF profile

Click Save to create your TIFF image.