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For Each Insurance Agent

Manually convert to TIFF from thousands of desktops

TIFF Image Printer

PEERNET TIFF Image Printer is a virtual Windows® printer that allows you to create TIFF files from any document you can open and print. Try it today! Learn more.

How it works for the insurance industry?

  • Fast & easy conversion of documents/reports/files from any software to TIFF format.
  • Efficient TIFF conversion to prepare all client insurance documentation for electronic archiving.
  • Customizable save folder locations and post-conversion actions.

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For Insurer’s Documentation

24×7 server-based conversion to TIFF in the background

Document Conversion Service

PEERNET Document Conversion Service is an off the shelf high volume software solution for converting documents and files to TIFF, JPEG, Adobe® PDF, and other image formats. Learn more.

How it works for the insurance industry?

  • Clustered background conversion of all insurer documentation submitted in a variety of formats (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, Word, Excel & more).
  • Batch convert to TIFF files formatted to the exact specifications of your electronic document management system.
  • Extract and convert Outlook messages and their attachments for efficient processing of email insurer submissions.

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