The TIFF compression options allow you to select the specific compression methods to use on different types of outputted TIFF image files.

TIFF Compression

The Advanced Monochrome option (sometimes also known as fill order) allows you to select the order in which bits are stored within a byte when writing image data to the file. This option is used generally with fax format TIFF files.

Fill MSB to LSB - When storing in most significant bit to least significant bit (MSB to LSB) fill order, bits are stored starting at the high-order bit of each byte, with successive bits stored at the next-highest bit until the byte is filled.

Fill LSB to MSB - when storing in LSB to MSB fill order, bits are stored in reverse, starting at the low-order bit of each byte. LSB to MSB fill order is recommended only when dealing with black and white images, and with the CCITT Group 3 1D compression method.




This screen will only appear if you have set the Intended File Use as Custom Use and have selected TIFF as your Image File Format. If these options have not been chosen, this screen is skipped.