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Add Watermark to Each Page

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The Stamping tool will add text, images, page numbering or date/time information as a watermark stamp onto a page. The watermark will overlay the page content.

If your page has standard 1 inch margins, adding a stamp to the top or bottom of the page will appear as though it is in the header or footer, but in fact the Stamping tool does not reserve space for the stamp. Therefore, if you have a page with no margins or very small margins, the stamp may be layered over the page content. If you have non-traditional margins and need to reserve space for a stamp in the header or footer space, please go to the Page Resizing tab and add borders to the page.

All stamping options are controlled through the profile.

There are four types of watermark stamps that can be added to output files using the Stamping tab:

Adding Text Watermark Stamp

Adding Image Watermark Stamp

Adding Page Numbering Watermark Stamp

Adding Date and Time Watermark Stamp