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Raster Image Printer

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Welcome to Raster Image Printer

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Thank you for choosing Raster Image Printer 12.

The Raster Image Printer is installed on your computer in the same manner as a hardware printer that creates paper copies. Raster Image Printer is based on the Microsoft® universal printer core, which is included with Windows. This ensures that Raster Image Printer will work with any Windows application that provides a print function.

Printing to the Raster Image Printer is the same as printing to any other printer driver. The difference is that Raster Image Printer creates images/files and stores them on your computer instead of creating a paper copy. Raster Image Printer can create the following types of files:

TIFF Multipaged (*.tif)

TIFF Serialized (*.tif)

Adobe PDF Multipaged (*.pdf)

Adobe PDF Serialized (*.pdf)

JPEG (*.jpg)

CompuServe GIF (*.gif)

CompuServe PNG (*.png)

Windows BMP (*.bmp)

Targa (*.tga)

Adobe Photoshop 3.0 (*.psd)

ZSoft PCX (*.pcx)

ZSoft DCX (*.dcx)

CALS Type 1 (*.cal)


This makes Raster Image Printer ideal for document imaging and electronic document delivery because you do not have to first print and scan hard copies. It also allows you to distribute your documents on a truly universal scale; virtually any imaging program, document management solution, or fax file viewer can read at least one the file formats that can be created.