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Some if the tools and utilities associated with this application use OpenSource components. You can find the source code of their open source projects along with their respective license information in the links below. We acknowledge these developers and are grateful for their contributions to open source.


MahApps Metro

Project Code: MahApps.Metro

Copyright © MahApps.Metro 2011-2018

License: LICENSE (MIT)



Project Code: MahApps.Metro.IconPacks

Copyright © 2016-2019 MahApps, Jan Karger

License: LICENSE (MIT)


Fluent Validation

Project Code: FluentValidation

Copyright © 2008-2020 .NET Foundation, Jeremy Skinner and other contributors and is licensed under the Apache2 license.



Project Code: PrismLibrary

Copyright © .NET Foundation

License: (MIT) LICENSE (MIT)



Project Code: SharpConfig

Copyright © 2013-2020 Cemalettin Dervis

License: LICENSE (MIT)



Project Code: WPFLocalizationExtension

Copyright © Copyright (c) 2011+ Bernhard Millauer, Uwe Mayer

License: LICENSE (MIT)