The job list is the bottom window of the application which displays all items that are part of the current job. From here, items can be edited or removed from the job.




Each column in the job list represents a property that can be modified. Not all properties can be modified for all items. For instance, you can change the Selection Filter property for a folder, but not for a single file.

The following properties can be modified in the job list; see Modifying the Properties of Job Items for more information on modifying these properties.





When checked, the item is included in the job when processed. When not checked, the item is ignored and not included in the job when processed.

Item to Convert

For files and folders, this is the full path of the item (c:\data\file.doc or c:\datafiles\). For web addresses, this is the full address of the web page (

Selection Filter

This property applies only to folders. By default, all files in a folder which match one of the supported file types are converted. This filter allows subsets of the supported file types to be applied to any folder.

Include Subfolder(s) / SubItems(s)

This property also applies only to folders, and is off by default. When checked, the conversion process recursively converts all files and folders under this folder.


If a job item in the job list is not valid (for example, you have typed in a file name and path that do not exist on your hard drive), the item will be displayed in red text, and a question mark icon will be placed in the job item field.

You can navigate through the job list using either the mouse or the arrow keys. An item in the job list is selected when it is highlighted (usually appearing as white text on a blue background). The up and down arrow keys will move the selection through the list a single item at a time. As well, clicking an unselected item with the mouse will move the selection to that item.