Installing File Conversion Center for a Non Privileged User

When File Conversion Center is to be installed under a user account that has limited privileges, the following steps may need to be performed.

1.Log on as Administrator, or have an administrator log on to your computer.

2.Run the File Conversion Center installation program.

3.Do not license the program at this point.

4.Follow the steps in Adding Manage Printers Access to give the user the required permissions on the File Conversion Center printer.

5.Follow the steps in Adding Privileges to the All User Desktop Folder to give the user the required permission on the All Users\Desktop folder.

6.Log off from the Administrator account and log back onto the computer as the non privileged user.

7.License the File Conversion Center application.

8.Follow the steps in Adding the Desktop Converter Bins to create any missing desktop converter bins if desired.