A PNConversionResultPrintJobPrintedPage object is created for every page of the document or file that is printed.

The page object represents the print settings of the page when spooled to the Document Conversion Service printer. These settings are different from the PNConversionResultOutputFileRenderedPage settings, which are the settings of the output file created. For instance, printing a single page document in color and creating a fax resolution TIFF image will give a PNConversionResultPrintJobPrintedPage object with a BitsPerPixel = 24, and a PNConversionResultOutputFileRenderedPage object with BitsPerPixel = 1.

There are also two collections: a PNConversionResultOutputFileRenderedPage collection of pages, currently only a collection of one, representing this page in the final output on disk, and a PNConversionResultOutputFile collection of files that contain this pages as a PNConversionResultOutputFileRenderedPage object.


Public Method   GetOutputFileRenderedPages

Read-only;Returns a collection of PNConversionResultOutputFileRenderedPage objects.

Public Method   GetOutputFiles

Read-only; Returns a collection of PNConversionResultOutputFile objects.

Public Method   GetPrintJob

Read-only; Returns a PNConversionResultPrintJob object.


Public Property   BitsPerPixel

Read-only; The bits per pixel, or color depth of the printed page.

Public Property   HeightInPixels

Read-only; The height of the printed page in pixels.

Public Property   Orientation

Read-only; The orientation of the page, either Portrait or Landscape.

Public Property   PageNumber

Read-only; The page number of the page.

Public Property   Skipped

Read-only; Boolean value True if the page was skipped.

Public Property   WidthInPixels

Read-only; The weight of the printed page in pixels.

Public Property   XPixelsPerInch

Read-only; The vertical dots per inch, or resolution, of the page.

Public Property   YPixelsPerInch

Read-only; The horizontal dots per inch, or resolution, of the page.