A PNConversionResultOutputFile object is created for every physical file created on disk. It contains the full output filename of the created file and three collections: a PNConversionResultOutputFileRenderedPage collection of pages representing each page in the file on disk, a PNConversionResultPrintJobPrintedPage collection of each printed page that was used to create the file, and a PNConversionResultPrintJob collection of print jobs that were used to create the output file.


Public Method   GetOutputFileRenderedPages

Read-only; Returns a collection of PNConversionResultOutputFileRenderedPage objects.

Public Method   GetPrintJobPrintedPages

Read-only; Returns a collection of PNConversionResultPrintJobPrintedPage objects.

Public Method   GetPrintJobs

Read-only; Returns a collection of PNConversionResultPrintJob objects.


Public Property   OutputFilePath

Read-only; The filename of the file created.