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TIFF Image Printer

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Modifies the file save options for the output directory and output filename on the IPNSession object. Overrides any conversion setting from the profile passed in the SetSessionPrinter or the SetPrinterProfile method.

To set a single save option use the SetProperty call with the appropriate arguments. See the Remarks below for a list of arguments.




where expression is an IPNSession object.


String OutputLocation

Pass the fully qualified path to the directory for storing the output your files. Pass this string as empty to use any OutputLocation setting from the conversion profile. If no location is set in the profile, the last used folder is used as the default directory when running in an interactive process on the desktop. If there is no last used folder, the My Documents folder is used. When running non-interactively, such as in the Task Scheduler or a Windows service, the My Documents folder for the running process is always used if this string is empty.

String OutputBaseFileName

This is the base filename for your output file. The base filename excludes any directory path and file extension. If you want your output files to always be saved under the same filename, enter that name here. Pass this string as empty to use the base filename from the conversion profile. If no basename is set in the conversion profile, the print job name set by the printing application when submitting the file to the printer is used instead.


Use the following to set these options using SetProperty:

Method Parameter

SetProperty Parameters





Output directory


VT_BSTR, as above





Output filename


VT_BSTR, as above

Supported Printers: TIFF Image Printer, PDF Image Printer, Raster Image Printer

See Also: SetSaveOptions SetSaveOptionsOutputResolution SetProperty