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TIFF Image Printer


The OnGetNextFileName event occurs each time a filename needs to be created. This can happen once for each file if the output is multi-paged or once for every page that is printed if the output is serialized

The most common use of this event is to customize the output location and filename of the output file. Both of these can be set using the IPNNextFileNameOptions object passed to the event handler.

Both the job object and the naming options object must be released using System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.FinalReleaseComObject call at the end of the event handler before returning.


objectName_OnGetNextFileName(pJob, pOptions)

where the IPNSession object is declared with events.


IPNJob pJob

An IPNJob object representing the print job for the file.

IPNNextFileNameOptions pOptions

An IPNNextFileNameOptions object to store the updated output location and file name information.

See Also: OnCloseFile OnEndJob OnOpenFile OnLogMessage OnReportError OnStartJob IPNJob IPNNextFileNameOptions