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TIFF Image Printer


The collection of wait functions allows you to synchronize and control the flow of documents being printed with your application. The WaitForJobsCompleted method should be called after the document has been printed and WaitForJobsSpooling has been called to verify that a print job actually entered the printer queue.

The WaitForJobsCompleted method will return when the document is finished printing and the output file is created, or when the given timeout period has elapsed, whichever is first. This method is not needed if any events, such as OnEndJob, are being used to determine when the output file is created and ready for further processed. If events are not being used, this method can be used to determine, in a synchronous manner, when it is safe to process the output file.



where expression is an IPNPrintSession object.

Returns Boolean True if the print job completed within the timeout period, and False if the print job did not complete.


Integer Timeout

The length of time, in milliseconds, to wait for the print job to be completed.

See Also: WaitForJobsSpooling WaitForJobsSpooled WaitForJobsPrinted