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TIFF Image Printer


A string based unique identifier for matching IPNPrintSession information to jobs processed by that print session. Every new print session is given a unique identifier, and every print job processed by that print session is also assigned that unique identifier.

This identifier can be used to track information from the printing cycle to be used in the event handlers. The IPNJob object sent to the event handler also contains a reference to the PrintSessionGUID. An example of this would be to storing the source document name in a key-value mapped collection keyed by PrintSessionGUID to later be used on the OnEndJob event handler.




where expression is an IPNJob object.

Returns a String.

See Also: AbortedBySystem AbortedByUser BytesPrinted BytesSpooled ConversionStatus ConvertedPages ConvertedPagesSkipped Document Files JobGUID JobID PagesPrinted PagesSpooled StatusStatusMessage SubmittedTime UserName