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Raster Image Printer

The Dashboard is a hub for all things Raster Image Printer with links to edit and create profiles, manage printers, activate the product, help resources, and more. The purpose of the Dashboard is to bring all tools and resources related to Raster Image Printer into one place. This will make it easier for users to find and change their output settings, edit their printer name, and access our many forms of help resources.



The available tools and resources that can be launched from the Dashboard are:

Profile Manager - Select "Edit & Create Profiles" to launch the Profile Manager utility. This is where you can review and change all output settings available with Raster Image Printer.

Printer Management - Select "Manage Printers" to launch the Printer Management utility. This is where you can duplicate the printer, rename the printer, and/or assign a specific profile to the printer.

License Wizard - Depending on the Status of your license the text on this tile will vary, but regardless select this tile to launch the License Wizard. This is where you can do things like activate your product, change your serial number, or manage your licenses.

Quick Start Guide - Select this tile to launch our Raster Image Printer quick start guide, which will walk you through your first print to Raster Image Printer.

Video Tutorials - Select this tile to launch the Raster Image Printer video tutorial page on the PEERNET website, which offers a range of tutorial videos from basic to advanced on using Raster Image Printer.

User Guides - Select this tile to launch the Raster Image Printer user guide.

Renew Subscription - Select this tile to log into your PEERNET online account where you can renew your annual subscription.

Add Licenses - Select this tile to log into your PEERNET online account where you can purchase additional licenses of Raster Image Printer on the same serial number.

Check for Updates - This tile will notify you when there is an update pending for download and install.


The Dashboard is also used to store all the status information about your license. Once you have activated your purchased copy of the software, you will find the following information in the top left-hand corner of the Dashboard:

Serial Number

License Type - ex. End User Edition

Installed Version

Subscription  -  number of days remaining in your current subscription

Status - the status of your license on this computer


*Note the Dashboard may look different if you are running a one-time license as you do not have access to all Raster Image Printer features.