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Raster Image Printer

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Subscription License

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Raster Image Printer 12 licenses are sold as either subscription licenses or one-time licenses. This chapter is for users with a subscription license and explains how to:

Activate Raster Image Printer

View and Change your Activation Status

Renew your Annual Subscription

Edit Activation Details

The ability to view and edit your activation details is only available with a subscription license, and is not an option for one-time licenses.

What is a subscription license?

A subscription license gives users complete access to all features of Raster Image Printer 12 for the term that the annual subscription is valid. Much like your music or television streaming service subscription, when your annual subscription is valid, you have complete access to Raster Image Printer up to the limit of licenses purchased.

With a subscription license, users can:

activate and use Raster Image Printer up to the limit of number of licenses purchased

move the software to a new computer or re-load the software after a computer crash or operating system upgrade, either through your PEERNET online account or by contacting PEERNET

access all updates and upgrades released for Raster Image Printer free of charge

rely on priority technical support from the PEERNET team


Benefits of a subscription license

All of the benefits of a subscription really come down to security and peace of mind.

A subscription license gives you the confidence to switch computers, upgrade your operating system or reformat your computer without worrying about your Raster Image Printer. Furthermore, a subscription license provides the security that should your computer crash unexpectedly you know that you have not lost access to your Raster Image Printer. In all of these situations, you can simply edit your activation details through your PEERNET online account or contact PEERNET to adjust your license so that you are able to re-load your license and continue using Raster Image Printer.

In addition, with a subscription license you can reply on the PEERNET team to release minor updates as required and major upgrades with new features, all of which you can access free of charge. With Raster Image Printer 12 you will even be notified when a new version is available for download by the Raster Image Printer Dashboard. Lastly, should you run into an issue, a subscription license ensures that you will receive priority technical support from the PEERNET team via email, phone or web meeting depending on what best meets your needs.

Renewing a subscription license

A subscription license is sold for a term of one year, and can subsequently be renewed annually. With a subscription license, the operation of Raster Image Printer does require an active subscription, therefore you will be required to renew the subscription in year 2 in order to continue using the Raster Image Printer software. Another benefit of a subscription license is that should you decide not to renew your annual subscription at some point, you can also come back to the subscription should the need arise again in the future and re-instate your subscription license.