PDF files can be created with or without security. Creating a secure PDF file allows you to restrict what can be done with the contents of the file. For instance, you can allow people to read and print the file but not be able to copy any of the text or images out of the file. Common security options include file encryption, file permissions and password protection.

See the following sections for information:

Encryption Levels

File Permissions

Password Security

Setting PDF Security

All of the PDF security settings are controlled through the PDF Security tab in the Printing Preferences dialog. Close any open applications that you will be printing from before making changes as not all applications will see your changes until they are re-started. Changing the security settings using the following steps is a global change, meaning that all applications will use these options when printing to Raster Image Printer.

Step by Step Instructions

The steps below will set the security options for creating a 128-bit encrypted PDF that allows only printing and copying of file contents and requires a password to be entered to open the document.

1.From the Start menu, go to All Programs - Raster Image Printer 11.0 - Properties...

2.Click the PDF Security tab in the Printing Preferences dialog.

3.Enable the Use PDF security option.

4.Change the Encryption Level to use 128-bit encryption. If you need to support older versions of Acrobat and Adobe Reader, set the Encryption Level to 40-bit.

5.In the Allow users to section, enable the copy text and graphics and print the document options. Leave the other options unchecked.

6.In the Password Settings section, check the User password required to open document option, and enter in the password in both the Password and Confirm text fields.  The password entered must match in both fields. You will not see the password as you type as a placeholder, usually a circle () or an asterisk (*), is shown for each character as you type so that your password is kept secure.

7.Click the Apply button and then the OK button to set the changes.

8.Printing to Raster Image Printer from any application will now use the security settings to create a 128-bit encrypted file that requires a password to open. Once open, the PDF file can be printed and any text and graphics in the file can be copied and pasted but the PDF contents cannot be changed, meaning pages cannot be added or deleted.

PDF Encryption Levels

A secure PDF file is encrypted with one of two following encryption levels. The encryption level chosen will determine what version of Acrobat or Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF file.

Encryption Level

Adobe / Acrobat Reader


Can be opened by version 3.0 or later


Can be opened by version 5.0 or later

PDF Permissions

Depending on what you want viewers to be able to do with the PDF file you create, different permissions can be set to restrict what can and cannot be done.

If you want to your viewers to be able to…

Check this permission option

Select and copy the contents, such as text

Allow text and graphics copying

Print the PDF

Allow document printing

Change the PDF - this includes inserting, deleting and rotating pages, adding or editing form fields, and document signing

Allow document changes

Add and edit form fields and comments only; pages cannot be added or removed.

Allow adding or editing form fields and comments.

PDF Password Security

There are two levels of password protection that can be set:

one for opening the PDF, also known as the document open password

one for making changes or modifying the PDF, also called the permissions password

If the document open password is set, anyone opening the PDF will have to type in the password you specify. With the permission password set, this password is needed to change the security settings or to modify permissions on the document, such as whether content copying or form field editing is allowed.

If both passwords are set, either password will open the PDF file, but only the permissions password will allow you to change the permissions on the PDF.

Password Recovery

There is no way to recover a password from a PDF document. Store your passwords in a safe place, or keep a non-password protected copy of the file as back-up in case you forget the passwords.