The steps below use the file pictured here to demonstrate resampling an image as a percentage of its original size. An image can be resampled from 1% of its original size up to 500% larger than its original size.

Step by Step Instructions


1.Select File - Print from your application; the example below uses Adobe Reader.

In the printer field choose the  Raster Image Printer 11.0 from the drop-down list of printers.

Click the Properties... button to open the Raster Image Printer properties dialog box.

2.Click on the Image Processing tab in the Document Properties dialog to access the Resample options.

Check the Resample check box to enable the resampling options.

Select Percentage(%) from the drop-down list of resampling options.

Enter in the percentage by which to resize the image. Any amount under 100% will shrink the image, and any amount greater than 100% will enlarge the image. A percentage of 100% leaves the image at its original size. For our sample page, we have checked the Lock aspect ratio check box and entered 50 for the Image Width(%). This will give an image half the size (50%) of the original.

3.As the source document is a landscape oriented document, the Orientation of the printer needs to be changed to Landscape to match. If your source document is portrait, the Orientation needs to be set to Portrait.

On the Layout tab, select Landscape from the Orientation drop down list.

4.Click the OK button on the Document Properties dialog to save the resample options.

5.Click the OK button on the Print Dialog, or the appropriate button on your application's print dialog, to send the document to the printer.

6.Choose where to save your JPG image from the Save Image File dialog.

Use the Save in: field to choose a folder to store your JPG image. Your Documents folder, or any folder you have chosen on the Save tab will have been selected for you by default.

In the File name: field, enter a name for your JPG image. A default name for your file has been filled in based on the name your application used when it printed your document to the Raster Image Printer. Here we have changed the file name to ResampleJPG.

The Save as type: drop down list can be used to change the output file type if needed. In this example we are leaving it at the default of JPEG (*.jpg).

Click the Save button to create the file in the folder you chose.

7.Open the new JPG image in your Image viewer. The file is 4.25in x 5.50in, which is 50%, or ½ the original size of 8.50in x 11.00in. You can determine this by dividing the height in pixels by the vertical resolution and the width in pixels by the horizontal resolution -  (1275/300) x (1650/300) = 4.5 x 5.5.