Reducing File Size with Compression Options

Changing the compression options can have a large impact on the size of the file but care must be taken when choosing compression methods as the file contents can also determine how well the chosen compression method will work. For instance, full color publication from Microsoft® Publisher or similar will compress better using JPG compression than using Packbits because JPG compression was designed to compress images with lots of color variation while Packbits works best with runs of solid colors in the image.

The default compression methods chosen by Raster Image Printer upon install will often give a good balance between file size and quality. When changing compression methods, take care to note the settings on the following tabs. These settings will affect the color model of the output file, which controls which compression method is used.


the Color setting on the Paper/Quality tab

any Color Reduction settings on the Save tab -  reducing the amount of color needed to represent the image can also have a significant impact on the disk size of the resulting file.

if fax mode is enabled in the FAX/TIFF tab

See the following sections for step-by-step guides to changing the compression methods used when creating JPEG, TIFF and PDF files. The compression options for all other output types cannot be changed.

JPG Compression

TIFF Compression

PDF Compression